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Will Keratosis Pilaris Affect My Tattoo

Is it Bad if a Mole Hurts

Is it bad if a mole hurts Pain is your body’s warning system. I wish it were more specific, like a car engine light saying that the oil is low or my tires need air. Why would a mole start to hurt In some cases, the mole is like any other skin. It can start to hurt if bumped or bruised or rubbed against. Or burned off. Did you try burning a mole off No, but my skin hurt like heck after my doctor burned some prior moles off. Moles sometimes arise when the skin underneath is mutated by UV exposure or HPV. The cells.

May keep growing or changing until you get skin cancer. I’ve never had skin cancer. Warning signs of skin cancer include moles changing color, changing shape, bleeding and starting to hurt. What will the doctor do Aside from bill me, of course. The first step would be a biopsy to determine if it is cancerous. The second would be surgery. I really don’t want to have surgery. Removing a suspicious mole now is a lot better than having a chunk of tissue removed in a few years, much less chemotherapy. Fine, I’ll talk to the doctor.

And in the interim, cover the mole with a bandage so it won’t get further irritated. That might just take care of it. Unless it is skin cancer. Which is one of the most curable cancers ever, as long as it is caught early. Which might explain the pain, my body’s early warning system. And now I’ve at least given you a direction to go. Yeah, to the doctor’s office. Or does it have to be a dermatologist Any doctor can do the biopsy. Many can do a mole removal. As painful as this is, a specialist’s copay only makes it worse.

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