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White Spot Koi

Skin Mutation in Koi from Radiation 34

I’m very fond of this, this is the diamond right gtgt Yeah diamond, the Japanese say daiya typically, but it just means diamond. And this is the Hiroshima gin we talk about. Although it’s not bred from the original breeder, in fact this is Omosako, who’s in Hiroshima. This one is from Beppu, who’s in Matsuyama, and the Tancho Goshiki is from Koda, so those are from all different parts of the world, or all parts of Japan, right gtgt Yeah, yeah, but the Showa’s from Hiroshima gtgt From Hiroshima. And if you look at each scale,.

You can see how it has a beautiful starburst effect. I chose these three because you can see what it looks like on gray and you notice on the black on the Showa, kind of disappears. gtgt Right gtgt It’s a lot more bright on the shiroji, or the white of the fish, and same as the traditional Kohaku. So it brings a completely new look to, these are very traditional type of Koi. gtgt Right. And it completely livens them up. gtgt Yeah, I think they’re gorgeous like that. Especially when you have them in a pond, and let’s say you have.

A couple different varieties of Showa, say, the old school, new school, and then you throw in some Gin Rin on top of that, and it’s like you’re still broadening your whole collection, right gtgt Absolutely, exactly. Exactly. So one important thing about quality Gin Rin is we want at least three scales on each side. So it’s three rows of scales to go through the whole body. Almost down to the lateral line. So it needs to have at least three, but you’ll see oftentimes more. gtgt And basically it has to go from the eye to the tail is what you’re telling me.

Gtgt Correct, correct. gtgt Okay. It’s neat on the Showa how it kinda disappears in the black and then it reappears on the white as it comes out the other side so it’s gtgt Exactly. gtgt That’s always a real fun thing to look at. gtgt Yeah gtgt And on this kind of Koi, the Gin Rin holds up throughout its whole life, which is really, really nice. gtgt So the whole life, so even if you’ve got a tenyearold Koi, that Gin Rin is still popping. gtgt Yeah absolutely. gtgt And the pearl’s a little bit smaller.

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