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White Bumps Surrounded By Red Skin On Baby

Dr: so how long have you had this thing here? Patient: Mmmm. this one’s been, 4 or 5 years I think. Dr: yeah? Dr: it’s probably a. Is this the biggest it’s ever been? Patient: mmm, yeah I think so Dr: yeah, just slowly kinda growin on you Patient: Mmm hmm.

Dr: dab there, thank you Dr: well the nice thing. You’re ok? Patient: mhm Dr: ok Dr: good Dr: just gonna try to take it out as gently as I can cause we wanna.

Dr: the idea is to try to get it out whole if we can because, um Dr: then we have a lot you’re ok? Patient: umhm Dr: we have less a chance, give me, uh, less chance of making sure we got it all Dr: looks like a little cyst to me so far lt;NO AUDIO FOR PRIVACY REASONSgt;.

Patient: you gonna tag me so my friends can like it? Dr: mmm I don’t usually tag you, it’s up to you to tag yourself Patient: (laughing) Dr: It’s supposed to be kind of anonymous, you know, that people don’t know who you are Patient: Yeah Dr: But you can tell your friends. Dr: but I don’t wanna, I mean, who knows, you know? Dr: I don’t want you to. Patient: they may figure it out after I check in.

Dr: (softly gasping) oh, you checked in? Patient: no, not really Dr: yeah, you didn’t really, ok Dr: are you talking about like on Yelp or something? Patient: uhh, I have friends that, like Dr: cause I don’t really like Yelp Dr: like snap or whatever they can check in? Patient: like yeah they, they will check in every single place that they are Dr: yeah. I’m gonna see if I can squeeze (CROSSTALK) Patient: and then it was just funny that, um,.

Patient: i actually saw your tutorials just a couple days ago for the first time. Patient: and that was after I had made the appointment Patient: and I didn’t even realize that you were the same person until I came in Dr: that we were.that this is somebody. Dr: oh! And then you saw, and then you actually saw my husband first though Patient: umhm Dr: see, um, trying to, I think this is pretty thin walled.

Dr: you were giving me, you were making me nervous when you were talking to me and kept squeezing on this, Dr: I was like ‘oh, don’t squeeze it, don’t do that, what if it pops?’ Dr: so I’m glad we’re getting this off of you. Dr: He actually told me that if I don’t get rid of it today, he’s gonna go home and do it himself. Dr: you ok? Patient: yep.

Dr: ok, cause sometimes underneath if it feels tight, if you feel sharpness, you just tell me. i’m trying to. it still looks like it’s coming out in one piece, but. Dr: I have a feeling if I let go of this top part here it might open up on us so Dr: oh, it’s opening up Dr: (muttering) Alright I’m gonna have to squeeze it now, since. (speaking) Sometimes these are really thin walled that I can’t get it out in one piece Dr: (sigh) let me put a nick on the top of it Dr: it’s gonna explode on me otherwise.

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