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White Bumps In Dog’s Mouth

Wrestling A Grizzly Bear In My Garden

0020 COMM With their ability to crunch through human bone in a single bite, getting up close and personal with a 1,300 grizzly bear is not for the faint hearted. 0032 But for 71yearold Doug Seus, coming facetoface with the fearsome predator is all in a days work. 0041 Doug Bart, off! Good. That’s good. Ah! Good. 0057 COMM Doug is one of Hollywood’s four most bear trainers. 0104 Doug My passion for bears started in hiking out in the wild with them, where the grizzly bear lives. It adds dimension to the power.

And the environment that you’re in. 0115 COMM Turning his passion into a career, he is one of the few people in the world who can interact with these incredible animals. 0122 Doug We spent enormous hours behind the scenes, that’s the real fun of it. I teach him tricks, or whatever you want to call it, tricks or behaviors, but getting into the heart and soul of a bear. 01′ COMM Here in Utah, USA, Doug lives with wife Lynn and their three bears, Bart 2, Honey Bump and Tank.

0152 The bears all boast a cinematic pedigree, having worked with stars like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. 0200 And eight foot six inch Bart 2 recently starred in an episode of US hit TV series Game Of Thrones. 0210 The Sues bears are ambassadors for Vital Ground, the charity set up by Doug and wife Lynn, which has so far helped to protect and enhance nearly 600,000 acres of crucial wildlife habitat. 0223 Doug The health of our planet and our nest is the most important thing to us and our grizzlies.

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