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How to get rid of blackheads by Satvinder Kaur

Hello friends, I am Satvinder kaur welcoming you on F3 beauty tips Do you have blackheads on your nose , chin or cheeks and you are dying to get rid of it and nothing is helping you Just go the kitchen and grab a large juicy lemon it is called a magic fruit a natural bleaching agent with high content of vitamin C and also has antibacterial properties. So, here the best ways to use lemon to remove the blackheads. just take the lemon squeeze out the juice directly applied on the affected areas twice or thrice a day.

Within few weeks you will find the excellent results I am giving you another tip for the same problem and that is take 1 spoon of sugar squeeze the lemon juice and make an uneven paste let the sugar dissolve partially so, the scrub is ready apply on the affected area to remove the blemishes so, here are the very simple yet effective ways to remove blackheads. i am sure you like this, do try this at home Send us your suggestions comments on the email address given below. Do subscribe our channel thanks for watching F3 beauty tips.

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