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White Bumps Behind Uvula

Sleep Endoscopy

Though a physician may be able to provide an educated guess what is causing a person’s snore, it is only a guess during a clinic visit. that’s where a unique procedure called sedated endoscopy comes into play. through Twilight anesthesia provided by an anesthesiologist, the patient is forced into sleep. when a patient start obstructing or snoring, a fiberoptic endoscope is passed through the nose as shown here into the throat where all areas and vibration and or obstruction are noted the patient is then allowed to wake and more precise counseling can be provided.

Regarding what was causing the snore and what can be done to treat these areas. shown here is what the upper airway looks like any normal sleeping individual who is not snoring. The airway is completely open without any areas obstruction or vibration. If it is found that the nose is contributing to a snore procedures such as septoplasty andor turbinate reduction may be helpful. Here we can see a septoplasty being performed a very common source of snoring is due to vibration of the soft palate or very long usual.

Here is what a vibrating uvula causing a snore looks like from the inside treatment for this includes removing the uvula as shown here or a UPPP. Here’s what the operation looks like Beyond the uvula, the tongue itself or even the back of the tongue can also vibrate causing a snore. Here’s what it looks like from the inside Watch how the tongue falls into the airway resulting in a partial obstruction when the tongue falls in the direction of the red arrow the narrowing results in the mucosal vibration resulting in a snore.

Treatments geared towards addressing the tongue as a source of snoring include mandibular advancement devices, tongue advancement, or base of tongue reduction as shown here. A final source of a snore can come from the voice box itself. In this clip, you can see the mucosal folds above the vocal cords known as the arytenoids collapsing into the airway and vibrating causing a snore. If such structures are the source of a snore, they can be trimmed surgically. It is entirely possible that there are multiple areas that obstruct and vibrate in which case.

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