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White Bump On Face Won’t Pop

From abandoned towns to underground vaults of death These are 20 of the most terrifying and creepy places in the world that you likely won’t want to visit 20 Aokigahara Forest, Located at the base of Mt Fuji, it’s commonly referred to as the Suicide Forest Since the 1950s Japanese folk have arrived here in droves simply to kill themselves, nothing but bones and camp remnants remaining Nobody really knows why they do it, but maybe it’s one tradition that should, itself, die 19 The Body Farm, This is a humanmade place of terror.

At the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, an outdoors research facility exists dedicated to piling up dead bodies all over the place The reason murder reenactments crime scene investigators plop down a dead body and murder situations are recreated so as to get as realistic depiction as possible to help with investigations A lot of people donate bodies simply to help out 18 The Door to Hell, In 1971, a team of Soviet geologists were drilling a hole in the ground looking for gas and oil, when they stumbled upon a dangerous.

230 foot chasm filled with methane gas Unwittingly, they tried to eliminate the gas with fire, and 40 years later that hole is still burning For some reason spiders love cuddling up next to this hole, likely so they can worship their lord Satan from his hallowed doorway 17 The Kabayan Mummy Caves, In the Philippines there are a series of caves, inside these cave are thousands of pods, inside these pods are dead bodies, mummies to be more precise The Kabayan mummies are easily the best preserved on Earth, and there are so many.

20 Creepiest Places in the World

Of these things, inside so many caves that it’d be easy to get lost in here Lost alongside endless mummies, frozen in their death positions forevermore 16 Helltown, It was once a town full of people, but in the 70s there was a government buyout and everyone was forced to evict Originally, all the houses were supposed to be torn down but that never happened, instead the towns are populated by boarded up houses and burnt up ones, used as fire department practice for actual house fires There’s a drop off on Stanford Road with.

A dead end, and they call it End of the World 15 Centralia, the Underground Furnace, It was once a busy mining town in Eastern Pennsylvania, with stores, hotels and saloons Abandoned mines were used as landfills In 1962, a group of miners began burning a large chunk of the landfill, unfortunately it was on top of some flammable coal, and suddenly the fire spread to all areas of the mine For 7 years it burnt people tried to stop it but failed, the carbon menoxide started.

Spilling to above ground Eventually the people were evacuated and Centralia left to burn, and it still does to this day, a deep, underground furnace that will not be doused 14 Jatinga, the Valley of Death for Birds, It’s around 9km south of Haflong town in the Dima Hasao district of Assam Jatinga is deceptively beautiful, flowers blooming, colourful orchides, but it masks a strange phenomenon Ever year, around August through November, at 7 10pm, at a precise one mile strip of land, birds fly here to die.

Just like Aokigahara forest, it’s a mystery why this happens, but it turned into a tourist attraction because of it 13 Catacombs of Paris, In the 17th and 18th centuries, the cemeteries in Paris were mounting up to insane numbers So much in fact that decaying flesh dripped into the countries water supply So they decided to instead build catacombs and dungeons filled with bodies, skulls mounted, bones as the foundation, there are approx 6 million bodies and climbing There’s also a nontourist area full of bodies extending for miles beneath Paris.

12 Candido Godoi, This is a town in Brazil that produces excessive amounts of twin births The cause is only speculated at, but the story goes a Nazi doctor Josef Mengele performed twin experiments in Auschwitz to increase the Aryan population, and he continued this experiments in Candido Godoi Historians, however, believe the twin epidemic to be caused by inbreeding, but it does make you wonder 11 The Isla de las Munecas or Island of the Dolls, It gets its name for obvious reasons dirty,.

Deformed dolls are littered everywhere, tied to trees, some decapitated others scattered on the ground Each and every doll was put there by one man, a hermit named Julian Santana Barrera, and the story goes he found the dead body of a little girl, and so he tied her doll to a tree in remembrance He kept collecting dolls, decorating the island, appeasing the spirit of the dead girl until, in 2001, he died, and the theories suggest he committed suicide from insanity 10 The Chernobyl Amusement Park, One the 26th of April 1986, the worst.

Ever nuclear disaster happened at the Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl, irradiating countries in all directions A lot of Chernobyl was evacuated, and sites like this amusement park are casualties It was actually scheduled to open the day before the incident happened, but instead it’s an overgrown park, forever frozen in 1986 Instead of children’s laughter, there’s nothing but an eerie silence 9 Winchester Mystery House, A place in North Carolina, weirdly constructed, corridors leading nowhere, staircases that seem to go up endlessly, and a creepy unnatural vibe.

Sarah Winchester oversaw the construction, and insisted up roundtheclock supervision She claims to have been haunted by a group known as the Winchester rifles, gun fanatics But then she died, work on the building stopped, and now it’s a tourist attraction 8 San Zhi Resort, the Martian Pods, It was originally meant to be a getaway resort town outside Taipei, Taiwan However, there were a series of mysterious deaths that halted construction, and the pods were abandoned Today they stand there, decaying, a creepy monument to 70s quirky exterior design.

7 Hellingly Hospital, It was an insane asylum from the early 1900s For 90 years the staff labotomized and electrocuted patients until, in 1994, the building was ultimately abandoned The building was never knocked down, and even today it’s still a creepy place, like straight out of a movie, a monument to insanity and torture 6 Matuso Ghost Mine, or Silent Hill , Northern Japan, a town that once housed the largest sulfur mine in the Far East They closed up in the 70s, and residents.

Decided to abandon the town, leaving it to ruin This wouldn’t be too bad alone, but a dense mist forever surrounds the area, and people tell stories about figures moving around in the mist, giant figures 5 Maunsell Sea Forts, the Silent Guardians, These forts were constructed to protect England from Nazi invasion during World War 2 While they no longer serve their purpose, they serve as creepy monuments to war, long abandoned but always on the horizon 4 The Overturn Bridge, Suicide Leap, This Scotland bridge has seen hundreds of men and women plummet to their deaths.

Likewise, though tragic, for some reason dogs do the same around 15 dogs a year jump to their death There is no known reason for this phenomenon 3 The Sedlec Ossuary, The Church of Bones, A long time ago, soil below this Czech Republic ossuary was sprinkled with holy water Since then thousands of people have claimed this tiny building as their final resting place So priests decided to make use of the bodies and incorporate them into the building Today it’s a church entirely FILLED with human bones.

2 The Jewish Cemetery, A lot of people die but it’s the Jewish cemetery in Prague that takes this to a whole new level Each time the cemetery gets full, they just build another one on top And they didn’t do this just once or twice, they’ve built new cemeteries on top of each other ELEVEN times And there will continue to be new layers until people decide to stop dying 1 Gunkanjima, Translated, this place is Battleship Island, and it used to house a mining facility.

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