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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tongue Pictures

Oral Cancer Surgery Microvascular Reconstruction in Bangladesh By Dr Masud W English Subtitles

Oral Cancer is very common now a days. Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world The slideshow we are going to watch today. is of an oral cancer It’s normally associated with paan, betel nut chewing , And most commonly, Smoking The person we see on the screen has cancerous lesion in his mouth We will see an whitish ulceration present in his mouth If these types of lesions are detected treated in an early stage. Then It can be cured completely The area with black marking We see on the screen, will be excised completely.

Thats the cancerous lesion. In the side view ,a black marking is seen on the neck Cancer can spread out in the body by different routs. Oral cancer generally spreads by lymphatic drainage. Specially in the neck region So, in this case we go for Neck Dissection The Tissue mass, which will be excised. will be replaced by tissues taken from the hand of the patient. Which is called Radial Forearm flap Here we can see, after neck dissection. Blood vessels associated structures of neck are nicely exposed. Identified, So that They can facilitate the microvascular surgery.

Which will be done afterwards Now we see, a lagre mass is excised..Along with a Part of Lower Jaw cheek Here’s the excised mass.which includes the cancerous lesion with associated teeth, lower lip cheek To replace the lost mass, We are going to take the Flap from forearm. Which will be paced on neck by Micro Vascular Surgery.By Suturing the blood vessels of this area with that of the flap..Stitching will be done by very fine suturing materials with the help of microscope. The whole process is called Micro Vascular Surgery.

Here we can see, the Radial Forearm Flap is nicely Elevated prepared. So that it can replace the lost tissue. Now, in this slide we see.Anastomosis of the flap is going on..By very fine suturing materials. Then closure of the site is done We can see, The lost mass has got a nice replacement This is the latest technique used in our country where we can even replace a huge mass. Here we can see, the defect in the hand is negligible.Which was the site of the flap.

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