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Small Skin Bumps Around Neck

How to Shave a Beard Shaving with Sensitive Skin Gillette

So most of the techniques that I use for my face, I learned them from shaving my head. The skin on my head is a lot more sensitive then even my neck area. So a lot of routine and the techniques that I use, I got them because I shave my head frequently. I use the facial scrubs to really soften my beard, and clean all the dirt and the grime that has been put into my face. It really gets me ready to have a nice shave. And then, I take lukewarm water.

And I take this water and I basically splash it on my face. And what I really want is I want to get the face really nice and wet, so that my razor slides very, very easily. Once I’ve got the water on my face, I use shaving gel. And the gel it’s very, very key to get it everywhere. You got to make sure that even in places that I may not need it, I need to make sure that my face is nice and lathered up with the shaving gel.

And one of the things I’ve found with shaving gel is that the longer I keep it on my face, the better shave I get. And then I go through my entire shave. I like to start with the cheeks. Pull one side of my cheek, stroke the razor down, make sure that you get it real good. And after doing both cheeks, then I’m going to start with the moustache and the goatee. My neck is typically my problem area. Since my neck is the most sensitive place, I shave that last.

And the reason doing so, is the shaving gel and the lather up there, it sits. So it really softens up the hairs there. I definitely try to minimize the amount of times that the razor touches my face. So one stroke, one pass that’s what works best for me. I know a lot of people use cold water. But for me, I have found that I get the best results when I use warm water, even sometimes close to hot water, on my face. Because it really sooths my face a little bit better.

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