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Small Red Spot On My Face Won’t Go Away

First Trimester Bloating! When Does it Go Away

First trimester bloating! When does it go away I can assure you it won’t last much longer than six months from now. I’ll have bloated out by that point because the baby will be around ten pounds. You’re probably bloating because the body is trying to build new blood vessels and other bodily fluids to meet the needs of the growing baby. He’s only a couple ounces right now. And supporting the kid leads to pints of new blood, pounds of amniotic fluid and all kinds of other stuff. You are not really eating for two, but you are supporting a second person.

I certainly pee enough for two. Bloating is worse if you drink caffeine or alcohol. I need caffeine in order to keep my energy levels up. Caffeine can make you pee more than before as the body tries to remove it, but the salt in soda makes your body retain more water. Drink a Coke instead of bottled water, and you’ll pee some, retain some and get dehydrated to boot. Talk about contradictory. What should I do Drink a flavored water, lemon water for example, sports drinks if you are throwing up a lot,.

Sprite or some equivalent at the most. No coffee, soda, energy drinks or alcohol. I’ve already been warned about alcohol, especially by people blaming the pregnancy on it. But I do not think my bloating is just due to water retention. True, since that problem tends to be worse in the second trimester. In the first trimester, it is usually from the digestive tract. I cannot believe I’d have bloating after all I’ve thrown up. You may have upset your digestive microbiome. Do I need one of those macrobiotic drinks Just go for the yogurt aisle. Pick one that has fruit in it for the health benefits, one.

With granola in it if you’ve been constipated, and one with the chocolate cream pie flavoring if that’s what you crave but will gain ten pounds if you indulge it. This is really uncomfortable. It is caused by progesterone. And the bloating is more likely to make you burp and fart as well as bloat. And I do not even have a baby yet to blame for the noises. You can blame it on the baby, but you cannot make a surprised face and say, I should not have given you those cinnamon apples , and walk away all innocent.

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