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Small Red Itchy Bumps On My Face

Why Do I Have Zits on My Scalp

Why do I have zits on my scalp Technically, the scalp is skin. It is possible you have more than you realize, because your hair usually hides them. That does not tell me what to do about it. Putting too much moisturizer and products that make your shower smell like a rain forest can cause the scalp to break out. And that’s assuming what you think are scalp zits are not an allergic reaction to the exotic things I cannot pronounce on the ingredient list. The ingredients are all natural. So is ebola, but that does not mean you want it. Remember that you can get moles on your.

Scalp just as you can on your face, though it is more common on your arms and legs. These are red and small, not big, brown and eliciting screams of horror. If you have red bumps on the head and neck that itch, I’m going to guess you have lice, not acne. If you’ve also got stubborn white bits on the hair that are hard to get out, those are nits, not dandruff. I’m not two. Your scalp produces oil just like the rest of your skin, but if you do not wash your.

Hair to rinse it away, you get an oily scalp that is as certain to cause a breakout as wearing tight sweaty gym shorts all day. You’re mistaking me for my roommate. What can I actually do about it Dandruff shampoo actually contains salicylic acid, which clears both the oils and treats scalp acne if you have it. Be careful of using facial acne treatments on your hair because some of them will bleach your hair. Good point. I do not want to have to explain the random appearing white streaks in my hair.

You could try tea tree oil as a shampoo additive or on its own to try to treat the scalp breakout. Or just not use the shampoos intended for dry scalps. The red bumps could be due to a reaction to something, whether it is a wool cap or the dye in it. Conversely, you could have an infection called seborrheic dermatitis, where extra oil on the skin and yeas causes red bumps. So wearing a hat all day to hide the condition of my scalp may make the condition worse.

Assuming it did not trigger it in the first place. And that’s assuming you didn’t get an infection of the follicles. What could I do to treat that You may use standard shampoos with zinc or salicylic acid. You may just need a multivitamin with extra zinc, since a lack of that causes rashes and exacerbates hair loss. That’s why some people shave their heads. You could get scalp bumps due to shaving your head, especially with a notsonew razor putting infectious agents in the skin. And I thought the worst part of the hair salon was the bill!.

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