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Small Raised Bumps On Dogs Skin

Ahhhhhh! What’s wrong I just found something. What This. Ahhhhhhh! I don’t remember being shot or anything. Call Flula. Ya Flula Ya I found a hole in my stomach. Ya Yeah, like a little pit. Oh, does it hurt No Is it your belly button Huh You know. Where you were connected to your mother What Ya! Everybody’s got one. Everybody’s got one Ya! I can’t believe we’ve lived to be this old. And somehow we have never seen this hole. A little dent, with a little bit of lint, inside it.

Underneath this cotton tee, you’ve been hiding. It’s time that we unwrapped this gift. Let’s bring back the male midriff. It’s my belly button. My belly belly button. I won’t pretend like it’s nothing. Cause my belly belly button’s, really really something. Something I want to show to you. You should call me a seal, ’cause I’m going full naval. I bedazzled it. I made a nugget dip. Taste it! Hold up. Fill the hole up with molten gold. Mold a gold nugget for my charm bracelet. Potting Soil. Random seeds.

Douglas Fir. Sapling Maple Tree. These are gonna get massive. And absorb a lot of greenhouse gases. The fact is, we’re helping the planet’s health. Wait. We carbon offset ourselves. So. We can cruise around in a big SUV And these tree’s allow us to ride separately. Let’s continue this conversation. On our inefficient gaspowered phones! Hey, I’ve got this business idea to drive our vehicles door to door selling my new invention It’s a fully functional DoItYourself miniature coal plant Exclusively for children. It’s my belly button. My belly belly button.

Its My Belly Button Song

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