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Small Dry Red Bumps On Face

Hello everyone so I’m doing a tutorial today about Winter Winter is my favourite time of year but during Winter I suffer from really dry skin erm as the coldness outside gets to my skin and then the heating inside gets to my skin as well and so it’s really important that I moisturise and keep my skin soft And so the clean and clear team have given me the dual action moisturiser and this moisturisers helps to prevent spots and blemishes There’s always this conception that by applying moisturiser to your skin it clogs up your pores but this moisturiser leaves your skin.

Feeling so fresh and so cool and it also prevents spots as well so it’s a 2 in 1 it’s a perfect product Erm when you apply this product make sure you wet your face and keep it clean and then just pat it dry and then just apply a bit to the palm of your hand and then just apply it directly to your face all over your face and down your neck as well and then you’re good to go I have used this product before and I really really love it and I love the fact that its.

Not sticky or like really thick on your skin its nice and light so you’re not there after you’ve applied it being like don’t touch me I’m so sticky I need to dry off You just apply it and then you’re good to go for the rest of the day I also love this product because although its light it does the job and it moisturises your skin perfectly I hope you enjoyed this tutorial please like it and share it with all your friends and hit subscribe as well Thank you so much for watching Bye.

How to prevent dry skin spots in winter CLEAN CLEAR

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