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Skin Peeling Pimples

Chemical Peels in Skin Care Chemical Peels for Acne

Hi my name is Mary Thinnes and I’m a skin care expert. Now I’m going to discuss with you chemical peels that are appropriate for acned skin. As you can see, she doesn’t really have that much acne, but here is an acne lesion right here. Basically what you’re going to have to do, her skin was already prepped and again I’m going to just put the chemicals on with gloved hands. I’m not going to use qtips, but like I said before, you can. For acned skin Salicylic acid is what’s good for acned skin. Again you’re going to put it on.

And you can leave this one on for ten minutes. Whatever line you are using the chemicals from be sure and check with that line ’cause some of them have different time guidelines and you can’t keep some of them on for ten minutes. Generally speaking though ten minutes is usually the appropriate amount of time. And Salicylic acid like I said is appropriate for acned skin. The only thing is is be sure you’re not allergic to aspirin because Salicylic acid is a derivative of aspirin. So if you are allergic to aspirin, Saliylic acid is.

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