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Skin On Chicken Quarter Recipe

Hi, my name is Branden Sarkas on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how to make a really great, really simple chicken recipe. It is baked chicken with pearl onions, bacon and mushroom. Alright, so we are back now and we are going to carefully remove our lid. Now, we are going to flip all of our chicken. So, just each piece here flip over. Hopefully it will all fit back in here. Their we are, lid back on it lets go another probably four or five minutes on this side and we should be ready to go. Something else that you should.

Do, this is just me being weird is I always turn my pan, the reason being pans heat up in different spots. So, I had it like this, I am going to turn it like this. You will notice that it will even out the cooking and also it is a matter of how you have it sitting on the flame and things like that. I always give my pan a turn and put the lid back on it. I will set my timer for five minutes. I will come back in five and we will pull.

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