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Skin Lump Head

In this tutorial I’ll be talking about the erbium laser. The erbium laser is a very useful laser which can be used for a multitude of things. One of the original uses of the erbium laser was for laser skin resurfacing. This would be basically taking a layer of skin off the face and with it remove wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. The erbium laser actually came out as a replacement for the carbon dioxide laser back in the 1990’s. The carbon dioxide laser back then was used quite aggressively and often left people with a lot of scarring or a whitish look to there skin.

The erbium laser was designed to overcome these problems with the carbon dioxide laser. But because the erbium laser doesn’t impart much heat energy on the skin it actually never achieved the same sort of skin tightening the carbon dioxide laser achieved. So the erbium laser actually fell out out of vogue and the carbon dioxide laser cam back in to vogue. But it was used at less aggressive settings and with new technology it was able to overcome these initial side effects and complications which were present when it first came out.

Primarily for laser skin resurfacing now a days we use the carbon dioxide laser and often finish with a few passes of the erbium as a final polish. But one of the main reasons we use the erbium laser now a days is for removal of lumps and bumps on the skin. The erbium laser is a laser which literally shaves very fine layers of skin with each pass, and by doing so we can actually shave down a mole or shave down a lesion on the skin to be flat with the skin level.

Erbium Laser Laser resurfacing Removal of skin lumps and bumps

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