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Skin Conditions With Liver Disease

Home Remedies for Liver Problems

Welcome to health care at home Now days its been noticed that Liver problems or problem related to liver is spreading very widely. Its main cause is, your habit of alcohol drinking that means, now days in youth usage is alcohol is like common thing due to this problems related to liver has been increased So, my suggestion is that you should make drinking alcohol is your habit once in a while if you are drinking then it is ok and also take care of quantity of intake drink in the limit, as people who drink in access they can be affected by liver related problems.

Now those, whose is liver is just got affected and those whose liver is already affected what they have to do to cure their liver, that i will tell you what you have to do for this, i am having this dry ginger powder dry ginger powder and apart from that i have clarified sugar and i have made this clarified sugar in powder form i have grind this actually so it powder now i have black pepper and black salt we have to use them, how to use that i will tell you.

First of all we have to take some black pepper and i will beat it with the help of hammer we will make its powder NOISE OF BEATING PEPPER WITH HAMMER we have grind this black pepper to make powder now what you have to do, i will tell you. Take one paper lemon lemon whose skin is very thin, that called paper lemon and you have to cut down the paper lemon into two pieces or make its half and after cutting into half you have to mark cut in lemon like this,.

You have to mark four cuts with knife like this you have to mark four cuts lemon has to be intact like separated now the space where we have mark cut from knife now in this first part of cut in this first cut we have to infuse the clarified sugar powder which i have made like this we have to fill this powder into the first cut and in the second cut we have to infuse this dry ginger powder means powder of dried ginger, you have to fill like this.

In the third cut, we have prepared this powder of black pepper. We will infuse this into third cut and in the fourth cut we have to put powder of black salt so i will beat some black pepper with this hammer NOISE OF BEATING BLACK SALT WITH HAMMER Although the black salt is available in the market but if you grind the fresh powder that this much better than the market one so this goed black salt powder, like this in all the four parts where in one part we have put in dry ginger.

And in another black pepper, in third part clarified sugar and in the fourth one black salt. we have filled all the four corners very wisely, fill them very well you can do it with the help of spoon after that you have to cover it with an bowl and leave it for overnight and after that leaving this lemon for whole night, in the next morning put it reverse on the hot pan like this let it hot on the medium flame of pan let it hot very well and after this process, once it is lukewarm as you can use it very hot.

Take it prior one hour of your meal i remind one hour prior having food you have to suck this lemon very well and after sucking this lemon you have to take all its juices as well if you will use this remedy for 1015 days then your liver which is not working properly or is there any type of breakdown in your liver that will also be gone away and your liver will be healthier and and after getting healthy liver you will be normal as earlier you were but along with this what you have to do, avoid fried items completely.

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