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Skin Conditions Related To Stress

Welcome to Health care at home Our viewer Rajendra Singh from Bihar has written us his problem of skin disease His skin has got black spots He is not able to understand what can he go for this Most of the spots are on the elbows This can be eczema or psorises Till you give us a proper information we cannot tell you any solution but I have some solutions which is used for all types of skin disease Take 6 leaves of margosa and 6 leaves of basil grind it and have it with water in the morning on empty stomach.

Due to this if you are having skin disease due to blood impurities then it will be cured Make a paste of carom seeds apply it on affected areas leave it for half an hour and then bath you will feel difference And if you think you have got an allergy then add lemon juice to carom paste Apply it on affected areas your allergy problem will also be solved Add carom seeds in jaggery and have it this will also help you This tips are used for all types of skin disease.

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