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Skin camouflage really is about drawing the eye away from a disfiguring mark through the use of a cover cream. I didn’t have scars until I was about 16 years old. So I tended to sort of cover up then, whereas my friends were out and about and I’d be sweating under jumpers because the skin camouflage wasn’t available at that point, not that I was aware of. It can be a loss of pigmentation in the skin, vitiligo. It can be too much, hyperpigmentation, too much pigmentation. It can be scarring.

Really, it’s not important to us what people come with. Our role is solely to help somebody cover whatever it is that’s bothering them. It was an issue for myself and how I saw myself. So even if I was walking around the house, I’d still wear a jumper, just so that I didn’t have to see it, but even more so when I was out and about in public. Sheila When somebody comes to the clinic we discuss what camouflage is, what kind of cover it can give, we tell them that it is available on NHS prescription.

At the discretion of their GP. The second step is the skin matching and that’s where we’re looking to find the best cover for their natural skin tone. Once we agree that that’s a good colour for them, that’s then set with a fixing powder and the fixing powder helps the camouflage cream to be waterproof and showerproof. People can swim with it on and they can shower with it on so it can stay on the body for up to three to four days. Dina In the second half of my consultation.

Scars skin camouflage

She made me apply the creams, taught me the techniques, so that I walked out of there being able to do it and then I’ve been using them ever since. If people wish to access the Red Cross Skin Camouflage Service they can either go to their GP or their consultant dermatologist who can provide a referral, though we do accept selfreferrals as well from people. I think I might have actually cried when I walked out of that room because I was so. Because I’ve had doctors and consultants and all sorts of medical people try and treat my skin.

I’ve had private medicines and nothing’s worked. So, to be honest, I walked in there with quite realistic expectations. The fact that I came out just completely chuffed was just mindblowing and it was just quite an emotional moment actually. Skin camouflage offers a coping mechanism. It’s just another tool in the box. Some people may want to use it every day. Others may want to just use it for a special occasion. So we’re not saying, Come to our clinics and you must use this camouflage. It’s a choice. It’s giving somebody another choice.

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