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Skin Conditions Melasma

Hyperpigmentation, Irregular Pigmentation Melasma Info

At MD ESTHETICS, we have a lot of options for people who have some brown pigmentation on their skin. What a lot of people don’t realize is with brown spots, there are multiple different causes for people to have brown spots on their skin. The most common cause is sun damage and sun exposure so that’s something that we will treat and we’ll actually treat not just for cosmetic reasons but a lot of our treatments, including some of our laser treatments, will actually help with the health of the skin and that’s a really.

Focus of our center. Another cause for brown spots is actually hormonallyinduced pigmentation. There is a condition called melasma that we’re experts in treating as well. What a brown spot is it’s really an accumulation of a pigment on the skin called melanin. We all have melanin in our skin and that’s exactly what happens when we tan. We get a little extra melanin that’s produced in our skin but sometimes that melanin is accumulated in an area and just doesn’t go away. At MD ESTHETICS, we have multiple ways of.

Treating brown spots. We’ll quite often use laser devices to give really nice clarity of the skin and in a way, fade or erase brown spots. In conjunction with some of our laser treatments, we’ll actually use some of our medicalgrade skin care to not only maintain the results of the laser but to actually get further results on the laser as well. A lot of our lasers that we use for brown spots will also cause improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, facial folds. A lot of the lasers will give a really nice.

Textural improvement so in cases where people might have some acne scarring or enlarged pores, those lasers are really useful in that as well. Another condition that we treat a lot of is actually a precancerous condition, which is related to past sun damage. Leah Werner I would highly recommend anyone that’s gone through cancer treatment, whether it’s radiation, whether it’s chemotherapy or even a bone scan. It’s really important that you have to feel good about yourself. MD ESTHETICS will make you feel like nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve overcome the obstacle. You will be a stronger person for it.

At MD ESTHETICS, we really focus on comfort and safety with all of our treatments. Most of our treatments for brown spots and pigmentation carry little or no downtime. They are easy treatments to have done. We take every step to make them as comfortable for people as possible. Sherrice Kirby I had melasma from having a baby and I also had some fine lines and wrinkles that I wanted treated and the staff was amazing in how they dealt with me, making sure that there was no pain involved in the.

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