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Skin Conditions Blisters On Fingers

She designed as a twenty eightyearold girl into memphis tennessee and she has a very strange condition fact she has the rarest condition because she is the only person who has been diagnosed with this condition so apparently she is growing males fingernails out of her hair follicle while it is the strangest condition others local news report gives us after few more details into the story so let’s watch that and i want you to focus on the health care angle of it then system you from anything interacting with coming back needed to in august two thousand eleven i said was.

Accepted into johns hopkins hospital in baltimore doctors determined she produces twelve times the number of skin cells her hair follicle which suffocate her skin instead of hair her skin follicles produced human nails somewhere here wilson nails are wrong things in writing new home bringin down one in the world with no instant doctors have been able to control her symptoms but high since mysterious health crisis has caused the financial crisis her state issued insurance doesn’t cover outofstate care and only covers five of the seventeen medications she’s prescribed she started.

Getting these symptoms after the doctor gave her some sort of steroid to deal with her asthma attacks and she thought like to cycle we’re skin condition it’s going to go away but it didn’t go away it just continuously dot works by distorting what you did you like super flipped out by the lady sometimes is a different things that are you know that happens in nature is it is my point of course within our contacts we want to help or because obviously she’s having huge problems here uh. and when we want to help or here comes the insurance rules or you’re out.

Woman Grows Nails Instead Of Hair Due To Skin Condition

Of state what what do you know i mean the is how many hospitals could possibly cover that insurance rules drive me crazy so her obscene issue shirts doesn’t cover out the specialist care uh. so she has to pay for a lot of things that are still available specials just feel that they were heard on growing nails instead of hair dr strike that and what i don’t think it’s a and answers that she has only covers five out of the seventeen medications that she needs to treat this illness right.

And and what also drives me crazy eddie because the fact that our insurance works the way that it does she has a quarter million dollars in medical bills eightyearold whose life has been destroyed both physically and financially you know what they mean what’s the point is sure is if i got a quarter million dollars with a bill array who can pay a quarter million dollars in intelsat well let me try me at all a lot of people who can’t right so you’re dot you you’re bankrupt on everything incubator outstanding your car.

You’re done with the halls of one of the shirts but you’re never gonna be able but option ever to be over yet so loved is obviously something wrong in our system and you know when i talk about with concerns then let a guy from whom they are look at these guys i see them you know in a moment country they’re even twinkies in this offer and i want to pay for them select ok we we don’t want to pay for this lady because what she had it coming.

Yeah i think i think that we should pay for this lady because it’s not something that she could have control that’s something that happened to her she’s trying to get treatment for it it’s not like she did something irresponsible to me to this condition i don’t know the carried in the twenties and they know their fattening other diabetics may don’t give a shit out those people should be a little more prevention what look the conservative ideology overalls if something went wrong in your life you had a tough.

Fiftyfifty uh. where and in maybe the liberal ideology might you know if there were any liberals left the country might be a problem at the reverse direction let’s help everybody no matter what right but that’s not the room plainfield that were playing it we’re joined by people who are saying hey listen if you get a paper insurance usually at least get a shirt straight that’s the reasonable middle course ground but now that’s not how is your system works they think well that i want to take your money.

But when it comes to pay out i don’t do that and we don’t get away with the exact that i don’t know where jurors was but except with course there the state issued id yours but you don’t like what i did jurors by an elite myself with a pretty high deductible because all of what i want all i want this they have made but that’s what i want to handle that cost of the order without uh. so this is literally what that to be there’s no more getting hit by.

Bullets are getting kids to bed abou unbeatable lead person on the planet with this disease and doctors all over the world have bigger step back to me it really it defies logic was the point that this garrity richer just don’t have yesterday your last fall and it’s the same before or or overall is health care plan passed uh. you have lifetime caps so that’s another thing that your among the hundred eight different ways here sure screws stacy to your point and pilots say humid and had a million dollars in your.

Treatment you have a rare form of cancer whatever it is a poor immigrant’s a form of cancer which is perfectly normal that happens all the time right uh. well you had a lifetime cap so of from here on out looking for wait a minute outward that’s crazy than again what’s the point of reassurance and and so what their health care plan does is it fixes that now it’s got a lot of other problems but at least addresses that and the republicans say on the way let their private insurers have liquors were number one.

No matter what we need to we’re number one and so our systems this is the best must by definition b right you know insurances especially catastrophic when it comes to our health right but i feel like insurance in every element is always and complete matter failure doesn’t matter if it’s car insurance home insurance you pay into it every single month and then finally went to some disaster hits you get into a car accident or something happens to your mom and you need them to come through for you in the light hap except now.

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