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Skin Conditions After Pregnancy

Why is my face breaking out so bad during pregnancy That wonderful glow they say pregnant women have is because their bodies put out more oil, usually making the skin and hair shiny. So this is too much shine. Well, a lot more oil than you usually have on your face. It is kind of like you’re a teenager again. I cannot take the acne medications I did as a teenager. I’ve heard they cannot give you the antibiotics that control it either, whether it is acne or a skin infection.

Those can cause birth defects. Other antibiotics are given on an as needed basis, and you do not need it for acne as much as you think you do. So what can I do You can treat it by using oil free makeup and moisturizer free soaps. You may need to use shampoo without conditioners too. I’ve already tried cutting back on anything that could irritate my skin. Pregnancy makes some skin conditions better The only thing worse than a rash on the scalp, is one on the face where your hair cannot.

Hide it. Fortunately, I do not have that condition. If you have skin allergies, pregnancy can make it worse because the pregnancy inhibits the immune system to a degree. That’s because your body does not want to react to the kid as if it were a pathogen. If you have skin irritation because you’re allergic to those all natural ingredients in your favorite hand made soap, the risk of an actual skin infection is higher. You can also wash your face more often in case the problem really is simply more oil.

Why is My Face Breaking Out So Bad During Pregnancy

Production. What else can I do I’m assuming you aren’t mistaking mask of pregnancy for acne. I only feel like wearing a mask to hide the acne. Pregnancy makes your body produce more melanin, and that creates the linea negra on the abdomen about three fourths of women get. I have that. Some women actually get dark splotches on their arms and even their face too. How would you treat that Wear sunscreen or a hat, do not go outside as often, and wait to have the baby. But I do not think I’d mistake dark splotches of melanin for acne.

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