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Skin Bumps On Your Face

Hi guys. This is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa. And today, I am in the process of answering some questions that we picked up. This is from Thareseve. I’ve been getting breakouts around my jawline and neck area. What do you recommend I should do My age is thirtyeight I am female. Color of skin is black, so, um. Here is without seeing and guys I. It’s hard for me respond hundred percent for sure if I don’t see. But you are thirty eight, you are black and you are breaking out. Jawline and neck. My first thinking would be that.

You have ingrown hairs. That your facial hair that your pluck your hair. That you tweeze the hair. That you touch it. That the hair cannot come out. That is the first way of thinking for me. For you. As a black thirty eight year young female. Because usually break outs in the jaw line and the neck. And no where else would indicate to me that that is the problem that the hair have follicles or hairs that cannot come out or congested skin from hairs are the problem for the breakouts on this area. However. So seventy percent.

That’s my assumption just by what you tell me because remember I treat, I do laser hair removal for black man, black woman, dark color pigmented skin people come to me from all over the world because I specialize and I have a special laser that is specifically made for dark pigmented skin and doesn’t destroy the pigment of the skin. And this is why I know when black woman come to me that usually this and this are breakouts means hairs. However. There might be a thirty percent chance that it’s not hairs and that you are very oily.

Black Skincare QA Are My Bumps On My Chin Jaw Pimples or Ingrowns

Skin, and you have pimples and your breakout and maybe you just don’t see all though look at yourself in the mirror properly to see that you have also breakouts on other parts of you of your skin. If you have oily skin. Then oily skin congested skin, acne skin is not only from here down. Then it’s all over. But maybe you know it’s sometimes will look at something and we look only for a particular thing or something that stands out to us. So you see pimples that stand out but you don’t see all the black out, so what I would.

Suggest is a first of all, that you take a good mirror with good lighting, and go close and analyze your skin. Not only here. Analyze it all over. If you have, if I am right. And if this is ingrown hairs. And you pluck your hair. Then I would suggest that you look for somebody specializes in laser hair removal for black skin. And you get laser hair removal which will solve the problem of this. Remember, laser hair removal is not done overnight. What should you look for when you look for laser hair removal. If you have hairs and.

You are black, you should look for somebody for a clinic. That uses CoolGlide. CoolGlide is the only FDA approved laser that can treat black skin without destroying the pigment of the skin. So it’s called CoolGlide and that’s the laser that suitable and approved by the FDA for dark pigmented skin. That’s number one. However. If you have breakouts and if you have pimples and you have congested skin. I would suggest and you are thirty eight years of age, that you look for somebody that can do a proper microdermabrasion facial and.

Deep cleaning of your skin. And do the extractions and move everything as much as they can on your skin. It’s obviously not a one time treatment and it would be a process. That would help you. Now. Whether you do this and you go you find somebody to do microdermabrasion facials for you and the help to decongests the skin or you don’t do it for most in most cases, what I would recommend for you is that you go to my website and you can see my address. And you buy yourself the oily acne skin product line. Oily acne skin product line. That product.

Line consists of five items. There’s a microdermabrasion scrub, it has a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, a drying lotion, for pimples. Why I suggest that you use this acne product line is because that product the better you get microderm abrasion facial or not, this will help you continue on a daily basis to decongest uncongest the skin and the microdermabrasion scrub. You will do two or three times a week. Abrade the skin. That will open the skin that will open the pores. That will allow what’s underneath to great extent to come out to the surface.

The cleanser is a specific cleanser that is made with essential oils. TG Oil and so forth. That will help to clean your face. You will clean your face with it twice a day. The toner is a toner that you will wipe your face after you do a cleanser and that would balance your PH and that means it will make your skin not oily not dry. The moisturizer is a moisturizer that suitable for oily skin it will moisturize your skin. It’s water based. It will not make your skin oily. Contrary. It will make your skin moist supple, not dry. But not oily.

And then you would have in there also the pimple lotion. So when you do in the evening you clean your face, cleanser, toner. Then you have pimples then you would put the pimple lotion on the pimples that you have and then you go to sleep. Three times a week you do the microdermabrasion scrub. After you do the microdermabrasion scrub, you cleanse, you tone, you still put the pimple lotion on the areas. That would go into the skin. Seven or eight days. The pimples all should dry out in a natural way, but you have to.

Keep continue cleansing moisturizing, decongesting because your skin obviously is congested. So whether you go for a facial with microdermabrasion, or you don’t. I suggest that you do get oily acne product line. Now. They said that once you’ve done this. Let’s say after two or three months, you see great improvement in the breakouts are much less. And you still see some discoloration on your skin from all these breakouts and this is accumulated over the years. And you would like to lighten the discoloration then you can go and obtain my Mandelic Acid product.

Line the Mandelic Acid are by itself a Mandelic Acid product line is a specific line that I made for people of dark pigmented skin people who are black skin. People of dark pigmented skin, and this is a product line that is very gentle but very very effective. On helping to lighten the discoloration on the skin. But as I said, it’s suitable and it’s specifically made for people with darker and black pigmented skin. It doesn’t destroy your skin. Skin color. Pigment. It allows the product to penetrate into the skin, but not too deep. And therefore.

It allows to gently slough off and allows fresh new skin to come to the surface and helps to lighten the skin. So, first I would use the acne product line and then once you come to a point where you feel that there is a big improvement but there is discoloration, then I would go and use the Mandelic Acid product line of indeed it is a question of oily acne skin. However if it is not and it is really a question of hairs then what I would do is I would look for somebody who does laser hair removal for black skin. I.

Would do laser hair removal and I would go and buy the Madelic Acid product line for black skin. You can see it here at the bottom. You have the link to my website. Because what you would accomplish is simultaneously as you do the laser hair removal and you stop more discoloration if you do laser hair removal, that will start stopping. The existing discoloration will not go away. So you want to get rid of the hairs that the follicles you want to kill the follicles but simultaenously you would like to lighten the discoloration that is.

There already from the breakouts from the ingrowns etc. Then the Mandelic Acid product line would be very suitable for you. I would use hand and hand. Remember, Mandelic Acid three times a week. Laser hair removal you do once every six weeks. So there is a difference. Every five or six weeks. So you have to use this to help lighten and as I said it’s specifically made for black skin. So it doesn’t destroy you the pigment of your skin. It doesn’t do over night. It’s not hocus pocus. It’s not a chemical that you put on and voila! it lightens.

Your skin, but it will also destroy the pigment of the skin, so that is the case. So therefore. Listen and anaylze but first look in a mirror or get a magnifying mirror with a light or ask somebody who is who will you trust who can analyze your skin and decide is it ingrown hairs is it hairs or is it breakouts. If it’s breakouts, you want use my acne oily skinline first then you get the Mandelic Acid. It’s hairs then you want to go and find somebody who does laser hair removal. You want to stop plucking your hairs because that’s not helping.

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