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Skin Bumps Around Eye

So you’re gonna hear this little buzz Well, you’re not really gonna hear a noise, but you’re gonna feel one little pinch here. I’m gonna do one, okay? Just one. I’ll do this one right here. You can feel me touch you right there. Okay. Ready?.

You okay? Mhmm. I’ll do it a couple times right there. Gonna do it again. A tiny one. You okay? She’s tough.

Good. These are milia she’s got on her eye. I don’t know why you have so many of them here. (Background: What. what causes these?) Y’know, they’re. (Background:Fatty food?).

No, no. You okay? If you need a break, just raise your hand, okay? I think she just It’s probably It might even be products you put on your face.

Something that Okay, okay. We’re gonna pay attention to her and not talk to anybody else. We’re just gonna put a little pressure with that little instrument you’ve seen me use before. We’re gonna push that one out. The ones right under your eye are gonna be.

Are not easy, because there there’s no bone to push against. You know what I mean? So we kind of let the cautery let them shell out. Help them to shell out.

You alright? Mhmm. Actually, some of the bigger ones are doing alright with me knicking them. (Background: She’s gonna look prettiness when she’s all done.) She is pretty! I know. She is pretty, though.

(background: thank you.) A I make everybody cry. Well, not everybody but. I don’t like to make her cry. Here.

Large Milia on the Forehead Extracted

lee: close your eyes. i want to put a little numbing here, ok? Patient: Mmm hmm. Lee : A little baby pinch on some of these. Pinch. Lee: You ok? Good. Patient: Mmm hmm. I’m gonna. ‘Cause I think that’s more comfortable certainly if I do that Even though there’s a little initial pinch here It’ll feel a lot better later, we make it easier. Little pinch again!.

I know you feel me wiggling. that’s just me kind of. patient: that’s okay. Lee : . it helps to distract you from this. I just want to make sure you knew I wasn’t nervous or something. Patient: lt;laughsgt; Lee : So you had an airbag go in your face? And you had burns on your face? Patient: Mmm hmm, yeah. DR. LEE: Oh my gosh. How long ago was that?.

Patient: oh, 19 years ago DR. LEE: Oh, boy! DR. LEE: So it was a pretty big accident then, huh? Patient: (firmly) No, it wasn’t. DR. LEE: Oh, It wasn’t? Patient: Mmmmmm. DR. LEE: So this damage was more from the airbag?.

Patient: exactly. the damage was all from the airbag. DR. LEE: Oh, that’s scary. PATIENT: And it was ugly. DR. LEE: Just a little numbing, sorry. Patient: And anybody who has peels and all that stuff, I think. No thank you. DR. LEE: Let’s see here Patient: Which my daughter just had with you.

lee: oh she did? oh, lt;audio cuts offgt; DR. LEE: I did her, okay. PATIENT: Oh yeah. DR. LEE: So, looks like the same kind of thing. You said No way. DR. LEE: No thank you. PATIENT: (singsong) No, thank you. PATIENT. She’s telling me. She can’t even go outside. And she can’t do this, she can’t do that.

I’ll keep my brown spots lt;audio cuts offgt; DR. LEE: It’s doin’ okay now, the batteries, doin’ okay, it seems like? Okay? ASSISTANT: Yeah. DR. LEE: Good. DR. LEE: Too much stuff on my iPhone right now. It’s starting to complain. A little pressure here.

Oh, these are comin’ out, though .they wanna come out. And you’re okay, right? PATIENT: Mmm hmm. DR. LEE: Told you it might be a little bit puffed up, but. PATIENT: That’s okay. DR. LEE: But it’ll be worth it in the morning. Okay, got those three. Got like, a few more to go, and putting in a little nick here in some of these.

These are true milia. these are superficial cysts. And the issue with them is that. They won’t come out. I’m sure you’ve tried to squeeze them before, so many times, huh? PATIENT: Oh.yes. Mmm hmm. Patient: Well then I just pick at ’em. DR. LEE. Oh. But have you ever picked any of them out? No, not really? Patient: Uh, I don’t think so.

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