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PMD Review For Acne Prone Sensitive Skin!

Hey ! So today I wanted to do a product review and it’s something that I’m sure you guys have all heard of before and it’s called the PMD and it comes in a nice little box like this. It’s kind of just a Microdermabrasion Kit that you can use at home. Now before I tried this product I was really on the fence about it only because I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. So a lot of things umm a lot of equipments used for your skin, I can’t really use because my skin is too sensitive. I tend to break out.

Or I just get really red and my skin gets irritated. So, I try to shy away from this product at first. And also because I had so much active acne, I just felt I wouldn’t be able to use this because you can’t really use this product on your acne it may irritate it even more, and it may get more swollen. So I did some research and watched some other YouTube tutorials and I finally decided that I wanted to try this product. And I’m really satisfied with the outcome of it, and I just.

Wanted to show you guys how I used it. So it comes with this DVD and I went ahead and watched it, and it was very helpful. It shows you step by step how to use this product. It kind of just talks about this product, and how to use the equipment, and how to clean it, and everything. The other item that comes in this set is this charger. You need to have this charger at all times. You cannot use to microdermabrasion wand without this being plugged inside so.

It always needs to be hook onto an outlet while you’re using this. Now the product itself looks like this, and the fact that it’s so compact and lightweight, I just feel like it’s very travel friendly, and it’s really easy to use, and it’s very simple. There’s no like. there’s only one on and off button so you don’t have to worry about how to use this. It just goes on and off, but of course it’s not going to work right now because like I said earlier.you need to have that charges it.

Now it comes with this little plastic cover right here. And this one has a bigger hole as you can see. So this disk that I have on right now is for your body. And then you can use one that’s for your skin. So the one that I use for my skin looks like this it’s a smaller, clear cap. This is the disk that I use, which is much smaller as well. Now the disk that comes with the kit.there’s a green and a blue. Now the blue is for more.

Sensitive skin and this green one is for more tougher and thicker skin that can tolerate much more microdermabrasion to your face. So of course I use the blue one. Now how to use it is fairly simple. I use it at night and I only use it once a week. I guess if your skin can handle it you can use it twice a week, but I don’t want to irritate my skin too much because keep in mind with the microdermabrasion does is.it kind of just takes off your top layer of skin and it makes your skin thinking that you have.

Gotten rid of all your bad skin so it needs to rejuvenate and produce new, healthier skin. So that’s why it kind of helps your skin looking smoother and healthier. Now all you do is you just turn on the on button. You tug on your skin just very lightly. Make sure it’s nice and tight, and you drag it across your face. If you want you can drag it across your face once, or you can drag it across your face twice. Me.again with sensitive skin, I only drag it across my face just once.

After you’re done with that you can go ahead and apply your nightly facial regimen, which I will show you. I just went ahead and put my toner on, which is the witch hazel toner. Then I went ahead and applied my Jason C night cream. This isn’t going to entirely help get rid of all your acne scars because I have very long term acne scars, which definitely kind of just stay there. But what I have noticed is that my makeup looks so much smoother when I apply foundation on. My skin looks much.

More smooth. It’s easier to apply my facial cream and my foundation. Also, I feel that my skin feels healthier, it feels smoother, which is all the reasons of what the PMD is for. If you don’t like to do things on your own and you rather go and get them done, you can go. You know there are certain places out there where you can go ahead and get the microdermabrasion on your skin. However, I feel that those are very expensive. I guess if you want to be on the more luxurious size you can go ahead and do that, but when it comes to microdermabrasion.

It’s not a one time thing. It’s kind of like a continuous thing that you have to go in for so that’s just too costly for me. Also, I’m very introverted and I’d rather do things on my own than get it done to me. So I don’t like being in that awkward silent room where the lady is just like gesture. I don’t know, I’m just like that so I really do enjoy doing this by myself. Another thing that I have noticed while using the microdermabrasion kit is that I have very.

Acne prone skin. However, when I have been using it just once a week I feel that.I do get a couple acne.umm or pimples here and there, but it’s less than what I normally would have gotten before I’ve been using the PMD so that has definitely helped me out a little bit. Now down in the information box below I will provide you the website where you can purchase the microdermabrasion kit the PMD and also a coupon code that you can go ahead and use. The coupon code is my YouTube channel’s name, which is alwaysrennie so you can go ahead.

And put that in and it’s 25 of your PMD purchase, which I feel like is a very good deal. Even if you are still hesitant about getting this product, or you’re not sure if you want to get it.just go ahead and click the link down below and just kind of familiarize yourself with this product. Maybe if there’s some questions that you have that I haven’t really answered, you can find it on the website. If you can’t find it on there, just leave a comment down below or if you don’t feel.

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