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Red Bumpy Skin Face

DermTV How to Treat Facial Redness and Red Blotches DermTV Epi 50

Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. People with red blotches or broken blood vessels on their face are frustrated by their inability to find effective skin care products to help them with their problem. Here are the treatment choices First and easiest is makeup. Green tinted foundation most effectively helps hide the red because green is opposite red in the color wheel i.e., they neutralize each other. Second are caffeinecontaining products that are advertised to help reduce the size of blood vessels. If you constrict the blood vessels you will.

Squeeze some blood out and there will be less red in the skin. The reality, though, is caffeine containing products usually work better to relieve the signs of Rosacea because of their antiinflammatory powers than they do to really get the red out of your skin. Next are topical cortisone products which constrict the blood vessels very well and get the red out very effectively. However, the problem is you can not use them on an ongoing basis. If you use them for too long after they have temporarily helped the redness, they will actually break the.

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