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Red Bumps On Skin Pubic


Laci Ladies, what’s up, ladies Actually, this doesn’t just apply to ladies. I’ve gotten so much email the past few years of people asking me how to shave their pubes and have basically always just said, Yeah, no, not gonna do that. Reason being that I don’t want to be another one of those forces that pressures people to shave off their pubic hair. I know when I was younger I felt a lot of pressure to get rid of that shit. And on one occasion, I got such bad razor burn.

That I mumbling myself at the gynecologist worried that I had herpes. These days I kinda like pubic hair. I get excited by bushes the size of mount kilimanjaro. Yeah, I said it, haters gonna hate. And we all know what you gotta do about the haters, right Ignore the shit out of them. Which means that if deep down if you don’t want to shave your pubes, if it just doesn’t interest you, or you get really bad razor burn, or you’re lazy, don’t do it. I haven’t shaved for months but maybe.

In a few weeks I’ll decide, Hey, I want a different hairstyle. In which case, here are some things that I’ve found to help you shave your pubes and avoid the bumpy burny itchy red nasty horribleness. gentle music And before you ever pull out a razor the first thing you wanna do is give yourself a little trim. Get the hair nice and short. Then hop in the shower with a bath. And soak for five to ten minutes. Then take an exfoliator or a luffa and gently remove the dead skin cells from the triangle patch on top.

Close shave is the key to avoid irritation. So, removing all those dead skin cells first it’s gonna help you get a little closer. So, in terms of shaving cream, I like to use the kind that’s a gel to foam. You want something that’s not too thin and something that’s not too thick. And then your razor. So, your razor should be sharper than mine. And this is where you don’t wanna skimp. You wanna have something that’s really, really sharp. Triple blade, quadruple blade, built in chainsaw. This is not the time to pull out that rusty disposable.

That’s been sitting in your shower tray for who knows how long. You want something intsense. Then with a very gentle pressure, don’t push too hard, you wanna move the razor down in the direction that the hair is growing. Try not to go over the same area twice. That can cause irritation, ingrown hairs. This is why you need a sharp razor. I would advice not shaving really sensitive areas. They’re really difficult to shave, easy to cut, and they’re even more easily irritated. I have cut my labia before and oh my god.

Do with that what you will. Now, after the fact, pat dry. First, very thin layer of neosporin. Let it absorb, then add a good quality basic lotion that doesn’t have any fragrance in it. Let that absorb and then powder. Oh! Not that much powder. And then pull on some boxers or a loose fitting panties, nothing too tight. So, that regime has worked pretty well for me. Everyone’s different, though, so you kind of have to find what works for you. There are some different types of creams and gels out there.

None of them have worked for me, they might work for you. The thing that has worked for me though that I actually later ended up using as an alternative to shaving was hair removal creams. These don’t get as close as a shave but they do remove the hair. All you do is put the cream on, wait five minutes, and then wipe it off. I’m lazy, so, it works for me. So, I think that’s about the basics. If you’re one of those people that you try lots of different things and you still find.

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