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Red Bumps On Legs From Tanning Bed

I’m about to get my chest waxed. Let’s talk about that. Watch it happen. theme music Good Mythical Morning! All right, a little bit of warning. There is going to be some shirtlessness happening, and there’s gonna be lots of pain happening. I am not happy about it, but I’m also owning the consequences of losing the game which I’ll say is rigged. Rigged Well, the official results of the Axe Styled in Seconds Challenge are six for me and four for Link, and that.

Means that I win, he loses, and he’s gotta get his chest waxed. Now, do I need to say the obvious, here Which is. all you had to do was fix your hair! The whole time I was doing challenging things. Looks good, doesn’t it including eating chunky turkey nastiness Yeah! and making a fool outta myself. That one was my idea. And, uh. you had it easy Okay. and now I get to I have to I have to get all the hairs pulled out of my torso Yeah, isn’t it awesome Well, just the.

Front of your torso. You don’t have much back hair. We should probably take care of the back hair too. I don’t have any back hair, for the record. Okay, I have a little spot on the bottom back. Okay. I call it my patch. Okay, all right. Well, you know what We can do that today. Here’s the deal. I agree. Wax your back. I’ve thought about this and I agree that it was slightly unfair because I got to just fix my hair, which I do all.

Rhett Link Get Waxed

I do it every day. You know It was like, the challenge is I get to do what I’m doing every day Not really fair that you had to do a new interesting challenge every single week. I gotta admit, you know, it was mostly for your entertainment pleasure. And because I So I’m not gonna do it. No. Because I’m your best friend, and I haven’t come up with a Christmas present for you yet, my Christmas present to you is I’ll get my whole torso waxed. Yeah I will. And I’ll go first! And you don’t.

even have to do it if you don’t want to. All right! I don’t care! My wife is gonna be so into this. It’s gonna be like I’m 14 again. Don’t make this awkward. What You didn’t even know your wife when you were 14. What laughs Why you have to throw that in there Why do we have to make it gross at the end No. laughs It’s not gross! You make it gross. But I’m still gonna do it, but you can go first. Let’s do it.

Link All right, we are in Go Mode. This is Rhett’s bare chest and this is Caroline the amazing. wax woman. Is that what you call yourself The amazing. laughs Actually, well, I’m an esthetician, so I’m licensed to do body You’re an anesthetician Esthetician. Link You’re just gonna rip out his hair using wax. Caroline Exactly, yes. And my specialty is waxing, and specifically waxing men. Well, I wanna well, I’ll be the judge of that. So, there you go. Okay. Link Now, what is this, Nair Rhett Ho!.

Link Are you, like, putting Nair on him Caroline No. Oh, I was about to say, it doesn’t feel like wax. It’s very powdery. Caroline No. This is corn starch, and what this does is it keeps the skin dry You’re not gonna fry me, are you Caroline so that the wax sticks to the skin less. chuckles She’s gonna fry me! That’s what’s happenin’! Caroline It sticks to the hair. And so She’s not gonna wax me, she’s gonna fry me! Caroline It just helps the waxing be more effective and hopefully less painful.

for him. I kinda like the corn this is the good part. Caroline Yeah. Link Now, this snotlooking stuff is wax, I assume. Rhett sighs Caroline Yes. With all due respect. make his more painful, make mine less painful, end of story. Do you think that the fact that I have kind of an afro on my chest is going to cause a problem for the. Because you’ve got hair kind of growing different directions, we may have to wax this way, then this way, then this way. But we’ll see! Let’s find out.

Yeah. Multiple waxings, good. Your hair’s pretty fine, so it should come out pretty easily. high pitched Hooh! Caroline It’s people with coarse hair that really have Link What’s that feel like Hotttt wax! Caroline Is it too hot Hot! Caroline Like, does it feel like it’s scalding you No. Oh, I’m so not happy about this. Caroline I can’t tell you, ’cause everybody’s a little bit different, you know So it’s like. Link Whoa, now, what is this Caroline This is.

Link Now, hold on Caroline This is a strip. rips AHHHHH! Link Auh! GAHHAAH! Caroline Look at how easily his hair’s coming out. crew laughs Rhett whimpers gah gah guhh geh! Link Lemme. so you just grab it here Caroline Yeah! Link And then you just Hold on oh no, no, no, no AAAAAAAAH! Link Yeah! Don’t let him do it! He’s too shaky! Do not let him do it again. Caroline Really He’s not licensed!.

Link You got half a nipple. Caroline Actually, he’s got a very good technique. Link Here comes the nipple! OH! Geh. whimpers and laughs Link The nipple! Is off! Caroline laughs I’ve never said nipple so many times. Rhett whimpering and laughing No warning, Caroline! Well, I told you, once I get going. You have no sympathy, woman! Caroline I work fast! AAAAH! Caroline Well, you know. What do you want, you’re getting your hair ripped out.

Caroline It’s not gonna feel good. If this was like the 1500s, you would be an executioner. Caroline Right. Death by. waxing Euuuugh. rips EEAAAH! It is so not pleasant! It is so unpleasant! Can I slather Doesn’t it Can I Yeah, okay. There’s a technique to this. So I’ll do a little bit and then Hold on so, hold on, so you’re gonna let me do it to you now! Rhett whispers Oh, gosh. Ooh, there’s a lot right there.

Should I slather that out Yeah, just. but keep it this direction. How did this become Link Does Waxing Class Well, he’s interested and curious, so. Well, let him try it on himself! That’s doable. You want to try it on yourself Uhuh. Caroline Good job. Link And then. Oh gosh, Caroline Link Just right here Caroline Oh, no, no. The strip has to go with the direction of the wax. Yeah. You apply the strips, okay Caroline So everything goes with one direction.

Link Three rips GAAAAAAAAAAH! Look at that. Isn’t that pretty whispers Oh, gosh. How did that feel laughs Horrible! sped up audio Rhett whimpers all laugh And this is is this typically what men do laughing in pain No. Link laughs No, they usually. cackles I love this! This is the best Christmas present ever! sped up audio Link You want me to. Yeah, sure, go ahead. rips Rhett OHHAAAH HAH, GOSH! Link Oh, I got some on my finger.

Laughs Oh, it’s worse. It’s worse down here. Don’t let Link do it ag oh, gah! sped up audio Link Oh, here comes the innies and outies! laughs and whimpers Caroline laughs Look at that! Your belly button’s all clean. Ugggh gah. Caroline For the first time, you get to see your adult belly button, ’cause it’s been covered in hair all this time. strained whimpering Caroline Isn’t that cool whispers Am I done Are you still doing it Caroline All right, it’s up to you.

There are a few more hairs there, but if you’re happy with it I like those. Yeah, I like ’em. All right! You’re done. And now you got a before and after. You might wanna untuck the. loincloth thingy. Rhett Look at that. Caroline That looks good! Rhett Not bad! Caroline It looks good, huh Look at that! Link All right, Caroline. Suit up. I just wanna prove that I am more of a man than you. I am going to whine less. Rhett Okay.

I’m gonna cry less. or not at all. This is not. I’ve got more hair, and I’m gonna be less of a baby. Rhett Okay! Oh, snap, I know what’s about to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! rips OW! AGH! What’re you doing, woman! Caroline Oh, that one got stuck. Woooh! Wooooooooh! Rhett laughs You think that’s funny, huh Rhett laughs Caroline He’s enjoying this more than you enjoyed his waxing. Rhett See It hurts like crazy! It hurts like the devil, doesn’t it! It’s not the devil’s comin’ out. Rhett laughs.

Link whistles You’re saying that dudes don’t scream like this No, not usually. What part of town do you work in My heart’s beatin’ out of my chest! Caroline and Rhett laugh Caroline I work right down the street. breathes out Oh! I’m sorry if I spit in your face, but somethings had to high pitched haaaaaah! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Collarbone! Collar! Rhett You’re going up high on him. Woo! Woo! Caroline Well, he’s got hair up there. Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!.

Rhett laughs Woo! Woobbbbbbbbbbbawk! Rhett laughs Aaaaawh! Caroline Look at that, that was so clean. Oh! Caroline Came right off there. All right, I’m ready to help. Oh! Owh! You are Yeah. Oh! Okay. Caroline Well, we’ll start right here. Rhett So what do I do Caroline So I’ll hold the skin, and you rip that direction. Rhett That way. Caroline Don’t rip up, rip that way. That way and just as quick as I can go. Yeah.

rips high pitched Fwoooooooooooo! Rhett laughs Gah, Rhett! I hate You’re like a devil woman! That was very nice! Rhett laughs Be careful, you don’t wanna get wax all over you. I wanna punch HIM! Rhett laughs I wanna punch you! Imma punch both of y’all! Rhett Now listen, I’m not joking when I say that I’m not really gonna punch you, but I just want to, though! rips WHAAAOW! That’s fire! I ate a ghost pepper, and eating the ghost pepper was easier than this.

Oh! What’s a ghost pepper The hottest pepper in the world! One of ’em. sped up audio Caroline I am gonna do another little pass to get all the Mercy! What did Braveheart say crew Freedom. Free! Not freedom, but when he said mercy, right crew He said freedom! Rhett No, he asked them to say mercy. They said to say mercy. Rhett And he said freedom. And that’s what I’m saying. MERCY! Rhett laughs That’s me. I ain’t no Braveheart. Rhett Yeah. Something tells me you.

Wouldn’t do too well with a disemboweling. crew laughs Caroline Ew! sped up audio Link Now, you’re going around my belly button. I predict that you’re gonna pull out at least three inches of belly button lint, ’cause I have maintenance issues down there. Caroline Really Why don’t you clean your belly button Wooh! Caroline It just takes a second in the shower. Rhett Look at that, he hardly responded! Link It’s not as bad. Rhett My stomach was worse. Yeah, you had a lot of hair down there.

Whew! Owh! Yes! Look at that! My belly button! How long has it been since you’ve seen that I rarely look down there anyway. Rhett You got some redness happening in the upper regions. So did you, man. We’re blood brothers, man. We’ve been through this. laughs We can do anything now! We can do anything together, man. Take my hand. Really This is kinda Woo! This is a little weird. Woo! It’s kinda like. Woo! It’s a bonding moment. Woo!.

I don’t know about that. It’s kind of emotional, really. Woo! Yeah, thank you Rhett, for being here for me. I don’t know about this. So. who’s more of a man Caroline Oh geez. I don’t know, I’ve just been removing the hair. I’m not here to judge anybody. I’m more of a man, right My squeals were higher but there were less of ’em. Here’s a different question. How do Am I more of a man That’s a different question. How do we compare. how do we.

Collectively compare to your other male patients Oh, ah. definitely a lot more verbal. But I have to say this is the first time a guy has come with another guy to be waxed. We’re just business partners. crew laughs We do a lot of things together, though. I think any two guy friends that came in would probably behave like you guys. Well the funny thing is, is like, I had a flashback to Sit up here. Take your shirt off. This is kinda like, ah, 1989 soccer practice.

laughs You know This is what we would’ve looked like then. laughs Yeah. 1989, we’re on the soccer team. it’s like, kid voice hey man, you did great out there. Oh, you got some chest hair comin’ in No, not yet. laughs Oh, man. Maybe next year. Oh, my goodness. Well, what a way to enter the holiday break for us, but ah. very slick. I’m gonna be doing a lot more. It feels weird. It looks weird to me. A lot more shirtless walking around.

in North Carolina when I’m back home. laughs I know it’s gonna be cold, but I gotta show this to somebody! All right, guys, so this marks the end of Season 4 of Good Mythical Morning. I don’t plan on marking the end of any other seasons by ripping off the majority of the hair in my torso region, so. hope you enjoyed that. And listen, thank you, Mythical Beasts, for making this a part of your daily routine. More of you made this season of Good Mythical Morning a part of your daily.

Routine than any other season before. This is a good time Cheers to you. in the history of Good Mythical Morning and you know what It’s not over. It’s just over for a little bit, because we gotta go and, you know, do the Christmas thang, Celebrate the holidays. and the New Years thang, and then we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna do this thang again. Relaunching Wednesday January 8th, and um, so yes, as Rhett said, we do want to sincerely thank you for watching this and for sharing the magic, even over the.

Holidays. Pick your favorite episode and share it with your family and friends. Or just watch it over and over again. We also want to thank our illustrious crew. claps Producer Stevie over here. We’ve got Jason here. You know Jason. You sense his presence. And then we’ve got Alex is in here today. Ben is not in here today. He’s upstairs. We’ll also thank him for his contribution. And Jen. I totally didn’t see you, Jen! Jen was hiding behind the Wheel of Mythicality.

Jen’s in here today. We ate peppers together. ah, why didn’t you guys get your. Oh, Good Mythical More! That’s right! Get all your hair waxed. Oh yeah, that’s what happens in Good Mythical More. Kind of an awkward thing to tell the ladies in the room. I take that back. Sorry for making it awkward. That’s gonna be the slogan for Season Five. Sorry for making it awkward. No. We’ll work on something else. Or just Let’s talk about that. I think we just stick with Let’s talk.

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