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Pimples Skin Care Tips

Daily Skincare Routine for PimpleFree Skin Garnier Special PrettySmart Episode 19

Good Morning! So welcome to another episode of PrettySmart. So I’m here to talk about something really serious with you, and it involves both you and me, so listen close. You know the pimple tutorial I did a couple of weeks back So apparently it caught the attention of some people and they decided that I needed help. So they decided to give me some tips on how to care for my skin, and avoid pimple outbreaks and overly oily skin. We cleanse our face everyday, and we were also advice to do a scrub.

And a mask every week. But having so many different products makes us feel ultra lazy. Then most of my friends will tell me, Aiyah nevermind, I’m too lazy I rather sleep. Sleep helps. No. My friends from Garnier sent over this amazing product. Ding Right here. So Garnier has got me to try this 3 in 1 product, which is a wash, a scrub, and a mask. What! Everything in one. It’s like. You know a 3 in 1 Kopi Not bad uh. So this product contains minerals which targets blackheads,.

Blemishes, and oily skin. Let’s put it to the test. So to keep your face clean, and fight pimples, cleanse at every day and night. Squeeze some product onto your skin add a palm full of water, and rub your hands together till it lathers. Then massage and cleanse your face gently in a circular motion Rinse off and you’ll feel that your skin is instantly brighter and more refreshed. It really does a lot in helping you wake up if you’re still feeling half asleep. This product also works as a mask and a scrub!.

Dot as many dots you want all over your face and spread it out evenly. I was recommended to use it one to two times a week to exfoliate as well as to control my facial oil. You will know that you’re about done if your face looks something like this. Then, wait for the mask to harden. So now for the fun part, The scrub! All you have to do is to pat some water on your face then slowly scrub away. Exfoliating a few times a week, allows you to get rid of dead skin cells.

And leaving you with smooth and rejuvenated skin. So ladies and gentlemen, if you are always rushing, this is perfect for a zoom zoom skincare routine. So I just found out for the month of June, if you have bought this product and you didn’t really think it suits you, you can get your money back. Oh yes! Before I forget, I have this stubborn pimple mark that I have to intend to. I applied this amazingly refreshing clear pimple roll on to a clean face every morning and night. So my trusty friend right here,.

Is going for 50 off in the month of June, and if you are looking to try this pimple roll on this month is the best time. So now for something really exciting that I’ve been meaning to share. Garnier is giving away the Pure Active 3 in 1 Cleanser to 100 of you Give away! All you have to do, is to ‘Like’ both TheSmartLocal and Garnier’s Facebook Page, find the tutorial on Garnier’s Facebook Page and share it. Then leave a comment on why you want to win. Is that easy.

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