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Pimples In Skin

Healthy Skin Care How to Treat Pimples

So you have a pimple and it’s date night, what are you going to do My name is Keeley Selvage with Keeley’s Skin Solutions and I’m going to show you how to treat a pimple. The first thing you want to do is start with clean skin, wash and rinse it twice. Make sure all that dirt and oil, makeup whatever comes from the day is gone. Then what you want to do is exfoliate the area gently. That means remove the dead skin. You can use a wash cloth, you can use a sponge, you can use a scrub that you purchased and you want.

To exfoliate the area. Then what you want to do, now if you get out of the shower, out of a steamy shower, that’s perfect because that opens up the pores that softens the tissues but if not you can also use a warm wash cloth so I’m going to let my model do that, you can apply the warm wash cloth right up here and hold it there, there you go. You want to hold it on there for as long as the towel stays warm but at least a minute. Make sure.

That you have sanitary conditions by that I mean have a clean face, clean wash cloth, clean hands, take a couple of tissues, wrap them around your index fingers and you can also use two Qtips but I prefer the tissues, they are much easier and you are in more control. So let that go. Then what you are going to do is go to the temple and you want your fingers to stay like this not pointing towards each other, you can hurt the skin, you can scar the pore by doing that you want to pull the skin tight and push it together and you just.

Want to jiggle it a little bit like that, switch side, squeeze it a little bit gently, don’t force it, if it’s not ready it’s not ready and if you force it out then you can scar the pore and leave a nice looking pit right there on the forehead. So be careful and avoid that. You want to squeeze it until all that infectious puss comes out and a little bit of clean blood is there, no clear fluid. That ensures that all of the infection is gone. After that maybe dab a little bit of some astringent on that area alone, that kills.

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