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Oven Fried Chicken Crispy Skin

There are three steps I have included in the procedure to create a crispy chicken skin for this recipe. The first key to crisp the skin is fat rendering. We have to let the fat beneath the skin drain away while deep frying or roasting. In order to achieve this, I use a knife to separate the skin and the meat. During this process, remove as much fat beneath the skin as you can along the way. When the skin is separated from the meat, the fat will drain away from the chicken when.

Roasting. This will dehydrate the skin as much as possible and the result is a very crispy skin. You need to tighten the chicken skin after separated from the meat. This can be achieved by dipping the chicken in boiling water, which quickly tightens the skin. Alternatively, place the chicken on a rack over the sink and simply poured the hot water over it, making sure to get it on all sides of the chicken. The skin will shrink and tightened around the chicken. Finally, hang the chicken up and drain away the water.

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