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Lactic Acid Products For Underarms

Specialty Home Skin Care Products Citric Acid in Skin Care

Hi, my name is Mary Thinnes and I’m a skincare expert. The last hydroxy acid we’re going to talk about is citric acid and that’s actually a derivative of oranges and lemons. The reason I point that out what it’s a derivative of, is if you are allergic to any of those, I would gear away towards using that acid on my skin. With that being said, citric acid is actually one of the acids that your vitamin Cs come from, so it’s going to be a good product you want to use at home for tightening, lightening and brightening your skin. So in your regimen,.

If someone has more of the sallow, dehydrated skin we mentioned before, vitamin C is actually going to help to brighten their skin and they’re going to look more alive. You’re going to apply the citric acid the same way that you applied the other ones. You’re going to apply it to the skin and you’re going to leave it on for about a minute until it dries. Don’t rinse it off with water. You’re just going to apply it and then you’re going to put your other products over the topyour moisturizers, your home care productsand you’re going.

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