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Lactic Acid In Cream Cheese

Beyond Organic Amasai

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today, I want to talk to you about a superfood called Amasai. Amasai is a cultured dairy product similar to something like a super yogurt or a kefir you may find in America today. But Amasai, traditionally, is made is Africa in the area of Kenya. There was a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin who wanted to go to his home country, Kenya, and study the health over there. He went over there. He noticed that there was one tribe more dominant, more skillful,.

And more advanced than any other tribe, and it was called the Amasai tribe. He noticed that they were eating a cultured beverage, culture dairy out of a gourd. He asked me what it was and I said, Well, this is Amasai. He determined that their health benefits were due to what they were eating out of this gourd, this Amasai. He went back to his home state of Wisconsin and he studied the differences between regular milk, yogurt, and Amasai. What he found was absolutely amazing. He actually did a study where he put E. coli cultures.

In each of them. E. coli is a dangerous bacteria. He found that the milk, it didn’t do anything to the E. coli. The yogurt killed it off after about four or five days, but he found the Amasai killed off all of the E. coli within just two days. He found things like Amasai, the stuff found in Africa, and cultured dairy had amazing benefits for the immune system, had very, very high levels of probiotics and lactic acid as well. Today, I want to talk to you though is about the American version of Amasai. This is something.

I consume basically every single day. I want to talk about Amasai here. This is Beyond Organic Amasai. You can see there are five main things you want when you’re consuming any sort of dairy product or cultured dairy product. I want to talk about some of the health facts concerning Amasai. Number one, Amasai is greenfed. Greenfed is even better than grassfed. You have conventional beef and dairy today, which we know is full of toxins, antibiotics, steroids, chemicals. In fact, according to a recent study out of Europe, they found that your conventional.

Dairy today has over 20 different chemicals and medications. Not good. You don’t want you or your kids consuming conventional. Organic today, hey, it’s a big step up. Not as many chemicals, but it’s the USDA standard for grassfed. Organic means it only has to be fed grass 30 of the year, not 100, which is too bad. Greenfed means that cows are fed grass 100 of the year. Remember this principal, You are what you eat, what they ate. Cows that eat grains and corn have high omega6 fats. Cows that are fed grass 100 of the year, or greenfed, are high in omega3 fats and.

Things like CLA. Again, greenfed is a big, big difference. Second thing you’ll see up here is ancient breeding. Amasai is genetically superior than most cows, or I’m sorry, the type of cow it comes from. So again, pasturefed cows. Also, a breed of cattle called Bos indicus. There are two different types of casein that can be found in cow’s milk, A1 casein or A2 casein. If you look this up or Google this after you watch this tutorial, you’ll learn more. A1 casein, your body will respond to, like gluten. We know one out of every seven Americans.

Has a gluten intolerance, which means they can’t digest that sticky protein found in most grains, like wheat. It can cause a ton of health problems from weight gain, lack of energy, problems with your skin, like acne. All kind of issues are found with gluten. We know that beta casein A1, which is found in typically your big, traditional whole inaudible 000351 cows, where most of us get our milk today. People are highly allergic to it or intolerant to it. The type of cattle found in the Beyond Organic dairy is what’s called.

A2 cows, which means they have A2 casein, which I’ve found for myself, I’m not allergic to it whatsoever. I used to do cow’s milk. I couldn’t drink it, phlegm. Just couldn’t do it. I would be able to do goat’s milk. It was because of the bad protein, that A1 protein, found in certain types of cow’s milk today. Again, Beyond Organic cows have only A2 casein, which is much, much healthier for you. So, I can consume this every single day. I’ve even found with some of my patients, some.

Of them who weren’t able to drink cow’s milk before are able to without any sort of allergies or problems. Again, genetically superior cows. Actually, the sort of breed of cattle that Jordan Rubin, really the founder of Beyond Organic, brought over there, cows from the Middle East, is the breed of cattle that we have that are A2, much healthier cows. Also, true whole milk. What this means is it’s high in healthy fats. Amasai is packed with vitamin D, which is a fatsoluble vitamin. Most of look at the benefits of vitamin D3.

They’re amazing. Vitamin K2, we found it to be good for heart health, vitamin A, vitamin E. It’s very high in healthy fats. Also, things like omega3 fatty acids. We all know the benefits of omega3 fatty acids by this point also high in CLA. That’s conjugated linoleic acid. We know that green and grassfed beef has 300 to 500 more CLA than conventional beef and dairy today. So, you’ll see some big differences there in Amasai because, again, good healthy fat is in there. The next thing here, low temperature processing. Most conventional and organic dairy today.

Is ultrapasteurized. Ultrapasteurization means the dairy is heated up to 180 degrees. Anything over 150 degrees denatures the proteins, so they’re undigestible. Also, most of this other dairy today is homogenized, which means it’s full of hydrogenated oils. Bad stuff. Again, low temperature processing. Even actually the cheese here at Beyond Organic is actually raw, but low temperature so that nutrients are still in tact. Last thing here, old world culturing. That means not only is it amazing, healthy dairy, but also it’s cultured, which brings out the live probiotics and enzymes.

If you’re like me, you want all the health benefits of probiotics, which are many benefits. You’re going to want to consume foods high in probiotics. We know things like Amasai, they’re cultured which brings out the live probiotics, the enzymes. Very important. We know probiotics, historically, have been used for digestive health and for keeping foods better and really fresher longer. Here are just some of the things with Amasai. Again, if you want to look up more health benefits of cultured dairy, you can look that up online. I’m not going to make claims here. I’m just going to tell.

You, They’re amazing. What I personally do or have most of my patients do is consume about a half of bottle, about eight ounces of Amasai today to get the maximum health benefits. About eight ounces is a half a bottle a day. Some of them might have even as much as one or two bottles a day for specific reasons. Again, about eight ounces of Amasai a day. Again remember, packed with probiotics, vitamin D, omega3 fats, CLA. It really is the superfood of superfoods, or the superman of superfoods. Try some Amasai today. Get off the other white.

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