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2 Bit Announcements Collabs, Im Not Female, and That One Thing I Edited for KP

Shit! Hello everypony, I’m the voice of Comic Sans. So originally I wanted to keep some upcoming events under wraps until they happened. That way I wouldn’t promise anything that wouldn’t deliver. Should’ve told that to the people involved. Not the end of the world. I’ll just make the announcement I guess. So to stop beating around the bush, in the next couple of months I will have a few of collabs. My first collab ever will be happening in about.2 weeks and it will be with somebody known as Countess Rose.

If you look on the newly added credit to my reviews, she is credited with creating wall 2.0. Its the one with all the laser beams, supposedly, hidden in it. Because bitches love laser beams. Moving on. My second collab will be in roughly. 6 weeks. and its going to be with somebody known as The Autistic Pony. also known as AJ. And contrary to what he said in his announcement tutorial. Comic San Pony. Like Sparkle, she also has very few subscribers than she deserves. I’m not female. Apparently, my OC looked kind of feminine.

I don’t know. I don’t see it. No seriously, I putting it there in post. I physically can’t see it right now. So you can judge for yourself I guess, but personally I don’t think it looks feminine. Moving on.the final collab I will announce is with somebody named CarBon. known as on the internet I guess.I don’t know. Anyways, I met him though working for KP for about a month. Yes, I used to edit tutorials for KP. I edited the ending gag where I had to count up every single time she said Discord and John de Lancie since she started YouTube.

Well.most of that ending gag, some things were added after I finished editing it because of how long the tutorial took to make. More Discords and John de Lancies were said. So they were added in by somebody else. Most of that ending gag I edited But i’m getting off topic. so that is all the collabs i’m gonna announce for now. I have a few more happening next year, but not all of those ones are confirmed. So I’m gonna leave them a mystery for now. Ok Didn’t exactly plan an ending for this tutorial so I think I’ll just awkwardly cut it off n.

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