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Hello everyone, i’m merve zkaynak. i make tutorials about. .makeup, style and shopping. In this tutorial, I will talk about. .the usage of coconut oil. We can use coconut oil on every part of our bodies. .to moisturize and protect it in a completely natural way. Coconut is very rich on Vitamin E. It is also easily.

.absorbable by the skin and has a very light texture. It is especially the perfect moisturizer for sensitive skins. I said this, because people with sensitive skins, especially. .when choosing products, has to be careful not to contain. .chemicals that can cause immediate allergic reactions. Since coconut oil contains no such chemicals, it is a very.

.suitable moisturizer for sensitive skins. So, how to buy coconut oil? The most important point here is that, I recommend you to prefer. . anic coconut oils, also in a solid form at room temperature. If you choose the ones with no diluents in, you’ll have chosen. .the ones most suitable for both your body and hair.

The acids in coconut oil not only nourish the hair roots, but also. .act as a protector layer against split hair. If you fancy, you can apply the coconut oil to your hair wholly. .and then cover it with cling film. Or, you can take a small amount in your hand, and since it will. .melt in room temperatures, you can easily apply it to your hair.

.and hair tips like this to add shine, prevent static. .electrification and repair the splits in your hair. Another usage for it, is to nourish the cuticles. Coconut oil can be used to soften your cuticles. .before manicure and pedicure. At the same time, you can use it to moisturize.

.your hands and feet after the manicure and pedicure is over. However pay attention that your nails stay oiled after. .manicure and pedicure is over, otherwise your nail polish. .will not be as permanent. With its nice fragrance, coconut oil can also be used. .as moisturizer for your body. after every shower, you can.

.make your skin absorb it with massages. And since it is very light, it can be absorbed very quickly. It is also a very nice and 100% natural balm for pregnancy flaws. Coconut oil is also a very nice lip moisturizer for. .cracked and dry lips. If your lips are not that cracked, meaning they are not.

.at the point where it bleeds, you can apply coconut oil. .to your lips after peeling. But if your lips are too cracked, to the point where they bleed. .apply the coconut oil whenever it comes to your mind. .without doing peeling. You can also use the coconut oil as a makeup remover.

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