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Keratosis Pilaris Treatment At Cvs

Goodbye cellulite, hello smooth skin

Hello everyone, this tutorial is for my blog which is about healthy things which will improve your life Hence, the name of the blog, Health Nut. Today I’m going to be talking about skin health and a very cheap, yet beneficial thing you can do to help it. That certain thing is a way to keep it moisturized, firm and reduce inflammation. The secret ingredient is coffee! Ah, Coffee, that is what we all think of, right Many experiments have been done and have proven that coffee rubbed on skin it does.

Reduce cellulite and reduces the dark circles under the eye. Probably because coffee is known to increase bloodflow. Another reason why coffee is actually really good is because it has antitoxins, which means it can help reverse long term damage over time. Which is good. And all these experiments that proved these facts used coffee grinds and rubbed it on the skin like an exfoliating scrub or mask and then they left the coffee grinds on for around 10 to 20 minutes. However I tried it and it was a complete mess.

There were coffee grinds everywhere, even though I rubbed them on in the shower even though I rubbed them on in the shower it was still terrible to clean up because much of the coffee grinds somehow got out of the shower, , and on the floor, and on the walls of the shower. It was just a lot more cleaning than actual cleansing. It’s not good. So what I wanted to do is combine my favorite moisturizer with the coffee! My absolute favorite moisturizer is organic coconut oil. This stuff makes my skin baby smooth and it doesn’t clog pores.

What I really love about it is that it really absorbs deep into my skin. Most lotions I really don’t like because I feel like I just put a layer of something slimly and it just sits on my skin I don’t like that The coconut oil helps my skin feel smooth and soft, but not oily. Plus there isn’t any of the chemicals that other lotions have, I just personally prefer all natural. I want to know what is in there. And organic coconut oil is only about $13 for a whole jar at a grocery store.

That’s not expensive at all compared to some of those $50 creams. And it has to be organic coconut oil because if it is Natural coconut oil or regular coconut oil it is more processed which means that they put other types oil in there and These other oils can help clog pores I read an article about how processed it really is and it’s hardly even coconut oil at all so much of it is the other oils. Which isn’t good. Anyways, what I did to mix it with the coffee with the organic coconut oil.

Oil was first I just made some dark roast coffee, poured it, you know from a regular coffee maker. Of course don’t add anything like you would with regular coffee. It is just pure coffee. And then you just slowly pour it into your jar of coconut oil. However much you want. I don’t know if it is true, but I feel like the dark roast coffee helps give me a little bit of a tan. It’s not like the real selftanners, but you know, better than nothing. But anyways, you just add a little bit of the dark roast coffee.

Into the coconut oil at a time and the more you add the more liquefied it will become. But, I’ve played with it some times and sometimes it comes out like a paste some times it comes out a lot more liquefied. But it works either way. So, it is just up to you and how much actual coffee you want in there. Then just rub it on where ever you need it. Plus you will smell like a coffee shop all day, which I personally love! I love the smell of coffee shops. They make me so happy!.

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