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Keratosis Pilaris Legs Yahoo

Sk is a abbreviation for seborrheic keratoses. they are brown crusty growths. They can be anywhere from white to light tan to yellow brown to dark brown almost greasy looking stuck on. They are hereditary, people from Germany and Eastern European descent. You can have just a few or you can literally be covered with them. They can get very irritated, itchy, they tend to grow on the hair line on your temples, on the neck and back and chest and they’re.

Just a huge problem. the removal of keratoses is no longer covered by any of the insurers, medicare, the blues, any of them. They consider it cosmetic. So a number of years ago we started playing with a q switched ruby laser to treat them. The results have just been incredible. We can get rid of all of these keratoses now without leaving any trace. It’s just a huge break through.// We’re priced it very inexpensively so they can do a bundle of them.People are.

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