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Keratosis Pilaris How To Get Rid Of Redness

Best Way to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition wherekeratin builds up in the hair follicles of the skin. The result are white or red bumps resemblinggoose flesh, and sometimes scaly white patches. These patches are not itchy or contagious. The condition itself is relatively harmlessand usually goes away by age 30 but it can persist if not treated. It can also worsen in the winter time whenthere is less humidity and the cold dries out the skin.

Causes There is no known cause of KeratosisPilaris but it is thought that genetics might play a factor.It occurs in healthy people, and dry skin makes the condition worse. Treatments For mild cases, you can get ridof Keratosis Pilaris with an over the counter cream containing an exfoliant lactic acidor urea. These will soften skin and help get rid theKeratosis Pilaris. For more persistent cases, a can prescribea medicated cream. These creams can have either a stronger versionof the over the counter moisturizer and exfoliant

or retinoids. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and helppromote cell growth and prevent the cell follicles from getting plugged up. Retinoids can also be extremely irritating,so use them with caution. In extreme cases, laser therapy can be usedfor Keratosis Pilaris. The affected areas are hit with laser lightto reduce redness and swelling. It might take several treatments to completelyget rid of Keratosis Pilaris. Prevention and Care Keratosis Pilaris canbe prevented or slowed by moisturizing the

skin and avoiding drying soaps. Limit shower and bath time and using extremelyhot water as this can dry the skin. Use humidifiers in the winter as well. Keratosis Pilaris is nothing to fear. Keepmoisturizing and take care of your skin..

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