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Keratosis Pilaris Explained

The Ten Commandments of skin care! aka, How to not ruin your skin

Hello again, everyone. Today we’re going to talk about the ten commandments of skin care. And, just before I get started, this is not any sort of religious commentary I just thought this was a good vehicle to deliver these tips to you. So, don’t take it too seriously, but listen to the information and take from it what you will. So, the ten commandments of skin care. These are the hardcore rules about how not to ruin your skin and how to keep it healthy and how not to damage it and how to slow down the aging process and to.

Just have awesome skin. Commandment number one thou shalt not touch your face. Now, obviously, I’m not talking about washing your face and applying your products, I’m talking about picking at your skin, I’m talking about scratching, I’m talking about selfextraction. Any sort of extraneous touching of the face is something you don’t want to do. First of all, the temptation to pick at the irregular surfaces and textures on your skin is totally normal you feel something unusual and your natural impulse is just to try and get it off or to mess with it. The problem here is that you have a lot of dirt and bacteria under.

Your nails and on your fingertips and when you’re scratching at the skin you can create little tiny wounds in the skin through which the bacteria and dirt and oil and all of the gross stuff on your hands can enter. And if you’re picking at something like a blemish, you’re just going to make the problem worse. That’s a very good way to give yourself a scar. If you’re picking at a little bump on your skin or a little pimple, it might have healed perfectly fine on its own, but by you picking at it and scratching at it and messing.

With it, you’re making it that much harder for your skin to heal itself. Now, a tip to help you stop touching your face. First of all, keep your nails short. If you have long nails and you’re scratching your face, this should be a no brainer. Keep your nails as short as possible and also keep them manicured because when you put polish on the nails you kind of dull the edge, so you don’t have this sharp edge and it’s much harder to actually scratch your skin with polished nails. So that’s a tip that I recommend everyone and.

That’s actually something that helps me, because I used to have this problem. I am a kind of compulsive person and I, you know, if I feel a bump, I’m like gonna Aaah! I’m gonna freak out on it. I get it. I totally understand. But, don’t do it. Commandment number two thou shalt exfoliate gently. This is something I see a lot of as well, people who use scrubs at home who are very overzealous with them and push really hard when they’re trying to exfoliate, will often get really tiny broken capillaries all over their face. It’s unfortunate.

Because you’re really not accomplishing that much with a scrub to justify the amount of damage that you’re doing. Scrubs are not that great at exfoliating, they’re good at getting off like little flaky surface bits and that’s why you think that they’re doing a really great job. And for younger people, that’s fine, you know, you can use a scrub to even out your skin texture and that’s totally cool. However, be very gentle about it. There’s no benefit to really grinding a scrub into your skin. You’re just damaging your skin.

Scrubs, like I said, are not that effective, so there’s no benefit to going really really harsh with them. You can use a scrub with a washcloth, with a clarisonic, with any kind of face brush, just do it very very gently. And it’s not really not good for your skin to exfoliate that aggressively, you’re going to be more prone to sun damage, dehydration which means more prone to skin infection and it just doesn’t look very good if you’re constantly peeling, so I would recommend doing a lowstrength AHA, if you’re going to use AHAs, use a lowstrength,.

If you’re using BHAs, use a lowstrength, start as low as you can and work up. You need to start low, otherwise your skin is going to slough too fast and it’s going to get irritated. And irritation is the enemy of skin, you want to avoid irritation at all costs, that includes exfoliating. So, if you overexfoliate your skin, it can get irritated, it can get hyperpigmentation, more sun damage, dehydration, premature wrinkling, you can lose elasticity. Irritation is absolutely the worse thing for your skin so avoid it at all costs. Now, word on retinol, use it.

In cycles, do not use retinol continuously. I’ve seen some people who do this because they like the very dramatic results that retinols can give and they end up with this very shiny, translucent, waxylooking skin. And that’s not healthy. Your skin may be smooth as a waxed baby’s bottom, but I’m telling you, it’s not healthy. When your skin gets into this state, it’s really like on the verge of being extraordinarily irritated and any tiny thing can set it off. It may be irritated like just up to the point where you’re going.

To see an extreme reaction and then any tiny little thing can set it off and you can get like horrible redness, rosaceatype acne, like this sort of like cracking, awful appearance and it’s painful. And I’ve seen this and I’ve had it happen on small areas of my face before. It’s really really unpleasant and, given everything I’ve just said about irritation, you want to avoid it at all costs. Number three thou shalt not wax while exfoliating. Basically, what this means is if you are applying like and AHA or a BHA or a retinol or, most importantly,.

If you’re using acutane, do not get waxed. Acutane, you can’t get waxed anywhere on your body, but if you’re applying your AHA’s to your face, don’t get waxed anywhere on your face. I’ve been using a 5 AHA and with my skin texture I know for a fact that if I tried to wax, it would lift my epidermis. This is what people refer to as a burn when they get waxed and it’s not a burn, that’s not at all what it is, what it is is your epidermis.

Lifting off. And that sounds super scary and it kind of is, but when you think about the anatomy of the skin, it makes perfect sense. The epidermis is like a dry layer of hard keratin cells that are stacked in like a brick wall type formation, and when it’s not prepared properly or when it’s in a sort of loose state, if you will, from exfoliation, the whole thing can lift right off. You can lift off the epidermis and expose the new skin below which is very sensitive and it will basically scab over and can create scars.

So, don’t do it. As a professional, I always ask every single client every single time Are you using any exfoliating products, RetinA, any type of retinols, Acutane I ask them this everytime, not just the first time, I ask everytime. Because not everybody knows to say Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve just added this new glycolic. And it’s not everything, like a glycolic face wash is not the same as a glycolic leaveon treatment. But if you’re using a topical exfoliating treatment regularly or if you’ve just recently had a chemical.

Peel or microdermabrasion or something like dermaplaning, any sort of, you know, good exfoliation or if you’re using a retinol retinols, you’ve got to be very very careful, you can’t use them anywhere near the application. So, if you’ve applied retinol for two weeks, you’ve got to wait a month. You’ve got to let more cells turn over before you go in to get waxed. Also, if you are getting waxed on the same day that you have a facial, do the waxing first. Your operator should know this, but, just in case, you always want to do the waxing.

First, then do the facial. This does not really apply to body waxing, unless you are applying a lot of exfoliants to your body or if you’re using Acutane. If you use Acutane, and I don’t recommend Acutane to anybody, but if you do use Acutane, do not get waxed ever. Commandment number four thou shalt not sleep in your makeup. And, this is pretty selfexplanatory, just don’t do it. I usually will allow myself to pass out without washing my face once a year. This has gotten even less as I’ve gotten older, but back in the days when I used to,.

You know, go out partying, if I was so tired, if it was so late and I just wanted to pass out, I would let myself do it once a year. And I would always pay for it. My skin would be hell for a couple of days afterward, but just don’t do it unless you absolutely have to. And don’t make excuses about it, don’t, you know, don’t say, Ah, but I’m so tired. It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter, take five minutes, wash your face, remove your makeup and if you are so tired, so often that this is a problem for you, that you are.

Frequently sleeping in your makeup then you need to look at your lifestyle and see what you can do to change your nightly routine, to make a priority of removing your makeup so that your skin stays healthy. And it’s not just about removing your makeup, you need to wash your face. You need to introduce water into your face and then put on something to hold that water into your skin for it to be healthy. Commandment number five thou shalt not put dirty things on your face. This applies to makeup brushes, fingers, phones,.

Makeup sponges, makeup, any sort of dirty old makeup. If you have a compact with a sponge in it, that sponge is meant to be temporary, that is not supposed to be a permanent tool for you to use indefinitely, until you use another product. That’s a very good way to ruin your products and also ruin your skin. You can buy replacement sponges for pretty much any type of compact at the drugstore, at the beauty supply store, just swap them out, you know, five days at most, if you’re using it everyday during a work week, you.

Know, even that, if you are really good about swaping this stuff out, you can do it every other day, everyday. Every day is not necessary, in my opinion, but every other day, if you are really really good at this stuff, otherwise, try to do it at least once a week. For brushes, do a spot clean every time you use them, deep clean them, you know, once a month or so and you’ll be good. For phones, try not to ever talk on your phone this way unless you absolutely.

Have to. Try to use a headset, try to use alcohol as often as possible to clean the surface of your phone. They’re introducing all the bacteria from your hands and from whatever else they’ve been touching. Try as much as you can to either use a speaker phone or to use a headset. Commandment number six thou shalt avoid fragrance. And I’ve been talking about this a lot lately and for a good reason. Fragrance is the enemy of skin. There is no benefit at all to using fragrance other than to amuse you. And companies have.

Been doing this for a very long time and it’s a very outdated concept. There is no reason to have perfume in skin care or in makeup. Some people like it, most people are like Oh and it has a smell, I don’t mind it so much or I hate the smell but I’ll use it anyway. But companies still use this party line of Well, women want perfume in their cosmetics. It’s really not true, I don’t think they’ve actually asked anybody and they certainly haven’t asked anybody who knows better. A lot of women don’t know how harmful.

It is to put this stuff on your face. This goes back to the whole Irritation is the worst possible thing for your skin. Fragrance is the number one irritant in all products. There is nothing worse for your skin. Except, you know, maybe pouring alcohol on it. But as far as, like, daily use goes, fragrance is the worst thing in all of your products. Forget parabens. Parabens have not been scientifically proven to be harmful, and I will speak about this later. But fragrance fragrance is something that we absolutely know, one hundred.

Percent, for a fact, is harmful to the skin. So make that your priority. Make that the priority in your skin care. Eliminating products with fragrance ’cause that’s the worst thing. And also, just so you know, fragrant plant oils, like lavender oil or eucalyptus or peppermint or, you know, any of those kinds of oils those are fragrance too. There is no benefit to putting these natural products in your face. There’s no there’s no great reason to do it in nature. I don’t think that our cavemen ancestors were putting these types of things.

On their face. It’s just not something that happened. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean that it belongs on your face. Commandment number seven thou shalt not use tanning beds. Ever. Don’t do it. Commandment eight thou shalt eat less sugar and drink less alcohol. Now sugar has a very strong connection with premature aging. This is something that’s only really making its way into the mainstream now. But sugar is connected to something called glycation. I’m not going to get too far into what that is because it’s going to be really.

Long. But just know that sugar leads to glycation, glycation leads to the breakdown of the structures in your skin that keep it firm and taut and younglooking. So, it’s something you really want to cut down as much as possible. And alcohol is a particularly vile form of sugar. It’s also very dehydrating. It’s toxic to the system, in addition to introducing sugars into your bloodstream. So, whenever possible, try to reduce sugar from your diet. If you put two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, put one teaspoon in your coffee. Cut down.

A half a teaspoon. Try using stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener. I don’t recommend any artificial sweeteners for any reason, ever. But stevia is a natural sweetener that is no calories and is a good substitute. I find it to be a little offputting if you use a lot of it, so I mix it with just like a tiny bit of agave syrup or something like that. You can use honey, if you tolerate honey. But mixing it with a tiny bit, not a lot, of a natural sugar kind of cuts the odd taste of it but for the most part you don’t really.

Taste the difference. If you’re accustomed to artificial sweeteners you’re really not going to notice that much a difference if you start using stevia except that stevia doesn’t taste like chemicals. Now with alcohol I’m not saying to stop drinking alcohol. I like to drink alcohol. I can’t right now so I have to kind of live vicariously through other people’s enjoyment of it. However, when you go out, try having one drink instead of two. If you’re going to have two, drink a big glass of water. Don’t drink five. Don’t.

Have five drinks. Just don’t do it. There’s no reason to do it. Drink your drinks slowly. If people are pressuring you into drinking more, just say Ah well, I can’t, I’m driving. And if they try to give you crap about that, then they’re being assholes. If you don’t drive just say Ah well I have an early day tomorrow. You know, whatever. Just, whatever. Give them some excuse. There’s no reason why you should be pressured into poisoning your body by your friends people who are trying to get you drunk so that they don’t feel alone.

It’s really just something that you have control over. Only you are in control of this. Another thing that you should avoid, for the sake of your skin, is drinking and driving. Death is not very cute. It’s not going to make your skin look very good. And nobody ever looks good in a mugshot. Commandment number nine thou shalt not smoke. Duh. Just don’t do it. Next to sun damage, smoking is absolutely the worst thing that you can do for your skin, so find a way to quit. Make it a priority. There’s so many reasons to quit. And I’m a.

Former smoker, I know how it goes. I was a, you know, young rebellious club goer. I totally get it. But you need to eventually say Ok, this is stupid, there’s no reason to be doing this. I’m just paying tons of money to a terrible corporate machine, when I could be spending this money on good quality skin care. Or, you know, save up for a vacation, use it for anything. But smoking is expensive, it’s disgusting and it’s terrible terrible for your the skin. Smoking actually destroys vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant made by the skin.

That helps protect from sun damage. So, not only is the smoking itself terrible for the skin, but it’s also going to speed up the sun damage that you’re getting while you’re probably outside smoking. And last, but not least, we have commandment number ten thou shalt take action. It is no one else’s responsibility but your own to take care of your skin, just like it’s no one else’s responsibility to take care of your body. You are in charge of your life. Even if you are a young person with parents who are telling you what to do,.

You can still make decisions for yourself. They’re not watching you twentyfour hours a day. You have a say. So, start good habits now. Do research. Learn about ingredients. Start reading your labels. Make decisions for yourself. Don’t be told what to do. Even as I’m telling you what to do now, question me. Question my thought process, question my credentials, question everything. Make decisions for yourself. Learn everything you can. Take the time to learn about ingredients. Don’t just get your information from marketing machines. Really learn about ingredients individual ingredients and what they do. And finally,.

Please just don’t believe everything that you hear or read or see on. Nobody knows everything and a lot of the people who are giving you advice or who are trying to share information they’re not getting it from a good source. And a lot of times it’s heard secondhand or it’s heard from someone, someone’s friend of a friend’s of their cousin who is a dermatologist or whatever. Or it’s like these emails which get forwarded which is how the whole paraben hysteria got started. Just don’t believe everything that you’re.

Exposed to because not everyone is getting their information from a good source. A lot of these sources have sort of dubious intentions. And you just really should familiarize yourself with skin care ingredients, with the climate of the skin care industry and the cosmetic industry to be able to make informed decisions for yourself. If you get nothing else from my tutorials that I’m going to be making, that I’ve been making lately it’s that you really need to educate yourself, take responsibility for yourself and your own skin. Be in charge.

All I’m saying really is take in all the information that you are getting and use your brain. Make up your own mind and make your own decisions. So I hope you guys got something from that. I really don’t mean to be lecturing you so harshly. I get passionate about this stuff. If you have any questions, let me know. And if you have any questions for me to answer in a future tutorial, please leave me a message below or send me a message through the messaging system. They have made it damn near impossible to do that so go to my channel.

Page and underneath my channel description there will be a little triangular box next to my username. That’s how you send messages now it’s such a pain in the ass. But if you want to ask me a direct question that’s the best way to do it because then I don’t have the comment restriction I don’t have that character restriction to answer your questions. Thank you guys very much for watching. If you like this, tutorial please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t and I will see you again very soon. Bye.

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