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Eng sub Daily Skincare Routine

Hey guys! it’s Das! Today I’m going to show you my skincare routine. Let’s get started! We need to remove the eye makeup first. This is Etude house One shot mascara remover that i’ve been using for few years. It says it’s for removing mascara, but it can remove entire eye makeup at once. Even waterproof product can be removed with this so easily. However it could be little bit too strong for sensitive skin. shake well before you use it. Next, I use olive oil to remove my makeup. This is extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

It’s easy to find, easy on skin, but it works as well as real oil cleanser. It contains good stuffs for dry skin. Make sure you use extra virgin coldpressed one. massage your face with the oil and wipe it off with facial tissue. I’ve been using a pore brush as the last step of the cleansing. This brush is Dual pore brush from Olive young. It has silicon pad on the back and pore brush on the front which I find it quite useful. I can’t compare with other brushes since It’s my first pore brush,.

But the face that it has the brush on both side and it has flat bottom that makes it easy to store, I will give this high score. The cleanser i’m using with the brush is Etude house Baking powder BB cleansing foam. It lathers so well, and cleanse any trace of makeup. I would say It’s a great for heavy makeup. But it has micro particles that might be not for sensitive skin. After removing my makeup, i’m using only one product. It’s Eucerin Aquaphor healing ointment. It helps my skin to stay hydrated for long time, and it’s very moisturizing this is helping my skin condition more than any other products.

This product is famous as ointment for baby which means it’s mild enough for sensitive skin. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, I really really recommend you to try this product. This really helped my a lot with keratosis pilaris and flaky skin. However! it’s SUPER thick and oily just like Vaseline, it’s definitely not the most pleasing texture. It actually has very similar ingredient with Vaseline. Super thick. And this is my first aid for skin, tea tree oil! It doesn’t matter which brand it is, as long as it’s 100 pure.

Apply it with a Qtip on the trouble, and it gets much better in a day. It really helped me with whiteheads and small troubles. So this was my notsospecial, boring skincare routine. I personally believe it’s enough to provide minimum of what my skin needs at the moment, so I keep it simple. If you are using same products as I am, let me know how you like it! and if you have any recommendation, share with me on the comment! I hope this helped, and thank you for watching. See you later!.

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