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Keratosis Pilaris Buttocks Cure

Hi guys, this is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa, and today we’re going to talk about the subject that most of you feel uncomfortable to talk about or feel embarrassed to talk about, but I know would like to know a lot about, because I get this request at least ten times per day via email or via orders from people from all over the world. Ah, but mostly America, America is the 1 place where people are absolutely fascinated and obsessed as of now with private part bleaching bikini bleaching, vaginal bleaching, anal bleaching,.

People are obsessed with it. Now, I have my personal opinion about it, but I am not going to express it however, I want to clarify something before we go and before I talk about it in length. I believe that this phenomena of people, particularly anal bleaching, or anal lightening, ah is because the porno industry has a lot of influence on the American public and that just tells me that Americans are very healthy, because Americans per capita watch a lot of porno, and it’s only in the last four five years that people and women.

In the porno industry make movies, whereby people assume that what they see is on the screen is the norm or real, or is the same for everybody, and it shows in the movies and on screen that if you should have a pink vagina or anus. So many want to have a light or pink vagina or anus. So I want to take the myth out of it and I am going to disappoint you! Majority of you out there will never have a pink anus, will never have a light.

How to Lighten Private Body Parts Safely!

Colored bikini, because for several reasons. First of all, the people that make these pornos, and where this idea came from are very very young, and are probably only 18, and if you look, most of these girls are blonde, very white, totally light skinned, and they are very very young. The reason I bring this out is because I think it’s very important for you guys to understand that hum, there is a difference between an 18 year old or 16 year old or however young the girl and a twentyfive year old woman. If a young woman that never.

Had babies or is totally light in skin color, the for her, white people for instance, our skin skin is white, and underneath is white, and the natural color will be light however, as you get older it changes. The reason it changes for all people of all colors is because it’s actually apart of our body’s protection mechanism that we, uh, our body which is very intricate, produces melanin and actually you would look in the mirror and you would see that for instance the anal area is much darker than the rest of your tush, or the rest of.

Your body, and this is because our body in a way protects itself and pushes more melanin, as the anus most of the time is used for a particular daily function, and we use it on a daily basis for the rest of our lives, and of course if you take a person that is sixteen or eighteen, their body parts are used much less than a person who is forty. That’s number 1. Number 2 the color of your skin has a lot to do with it. Your background has a lot.

To do with it. If you are Indian, Mediterranean, black, hispanic, ah, if you’re not totally white, alabaster white, your skin will never be pink! Get it out of your system, it will never happen. If you want to have lighter skin, there are ways to make it lighter, there are ways to lighten the skin, but you can never make it white or make it pink. Your ethnic background, the color of your skin, has a lot to do with it. Hormones have a lot to do with it. So if you have, if you are for instance pregnant, any woman who is pregnant.

Knows, that once you have a baby everything changes and shifts. It shifts the color, everything changes in your private areas, it never looks the same as when you were 18 years old, because this is part of the mechanism in our body, things do change. As you get older you use these parts of your body, so that also changes the color of that area, and therefore you cannot expect it to be the same as it was when you were 16 or 18 and people that have more pigment in their skin can never look like people who are totally totally totally.

White or light skin. Having said that, I want to add something else, that it’s known to me, and because people talk about it, that a lot in the sex industry, because that’s how they make their living and the camera is actually stuck in their butts, and in their vaginas, they have to do things which majority of us will not have to do, and they have to resort to treatments and products which are not the safest in the world. So some of them have to use acids and products to get the desired affect for the camera, for it to be.

Light, but it is not safe, and I can tell you categorically that using harsh acids is not safe. There are repercussions and you will pay for it in the long run. So to lighten your skin, you have to take several things into consideration. First is your ethnic background and the color of your skin, that’s number one. If you have darker pigmented skin forget about having light or pink colored private parts, it will never happen! Secondly, did you have babies, what is your age, how much use did you have of your private parts over.

Your life, that has a lot of affect on the color. And if you’re very honest with yourself, and you answer these questions honestly, then you can have reasonable expectations and say OK, I still, I understand all this, but I would still like to lighten that part, how can I do it Well, now that we’re speaking in a language that you all understand, any you understand that if you’re not alabaster, Swedish, Norwegian or Russian, and that you will never have the same skin color as they have, that if you’re from Colombia, or are.

Coming from South Africa, or you are coming from Mexico, it will never happen, you will never have, the same color as they have. Now I can tell you the way that it’s done, there are products that are not harsh that will help to lighten your skin, that will help to reduce some of the discoloration in the area, it will only improve it. So if you came to my clinic, and you wanted to treat or lighten your private parts, your anus, your bikini, your vagina, I would abrade the skin first with my microdermabrasion product, then I.

Would use some lactic acid or glycolic acid which are natural fruit acids, I would use that, and then I would apply arbutus products that ah use gels or creams, and peel it with a specific mask, then I would send you home with a treatment which consists of three items 1 microdermabrasion, that abrades the skin and that’s what you would use daily, abrade the skin, then the 2 arbutin gel, and 3 the arbutin cream. Arbutin is actually derived from a plant, so you would use this, day and night, if you are interested to learn more.

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