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Itchy Skin Bumps Groin

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher. Thank you for tuning into my tutorial today. Today, we’re going to talk about men’s yeast infections, particularly jock itch or itch around the men’s private parts, around the scrotum, around the penis, around those areas. This is a condition I see quite frequently in males. A condition that drives a lot of guys crazy. In fact, I’ve had two cases in the last two days. One a 44yearold male not far from where I live here in New Zealand and another guy in his late 40s from Wellington,.

Which is the capital of New Zealand. Both of these cases are quite similar. This is going to be quite an interesting tutorial, particularly for males who’ve got itch in their groin region and have had no resolution. Let’s start with this 44yearold guy. It’s quite an interesting case and many men will be able to relate to this in particular. This guy had an itch that started about a year ago, and it just started around his belt line. He’s a hydraulic person, so he’s an engineer that deals with hydraulics and repairing trucks and things like that.

This guy went to his doctor he had a bit of an itch around the belt line, which quickly spread to the groin region. The doctor had a look at this skin rash and did a biopsy and said, You’ve got contact dermatitis. He sent this man away with a bunch of creams. I’ve just made some case notes here. This patient came back to the doctor in three weeks and the condition was not improved. So the patient got sent to a skin specialist, called a dermatologist. The patient then got.

Jock Itch Causes, Symptoms Treatment by Expert Eric Bakker

Told by the dermatologist it was scabies, which is a mite infection. Again, more creams were prescribed. And again, the same thing, patient came back to the specialist, wasn’t going away with the creams, this time went to another specialist. And this specialist said it was psoriasis. Quite interesting. This doctor gave strong drugs, steroids, which really knocked the patient around quite a lot. The patient improved but wasn’t interested in taking steroids and the patient then went to another doctor. This is doctor number four now. And this doctor said, You’ve got a fungal skin rash. Finally,.

We got the correct diagnosis. But what did the doctor do He put this man on antibiotics, which I find quite interesting. Antibiotics are not something one would generally give for a fungal rash that he or she has diagnosed as a fungal rash. They will normally give an antifungal drug, but in this case, the doctor decided to give a penicillin based antibiotic. And the condition exploded and now it went all over his torso, upper back, neck, around the ears, scalp, all over. I’ll call him Gary. Gary said a few days after starting treatment, he had a shower and his.

Whole body blew up in a terrible skin rash. Since then, he’s been to about 14 different people. You’re looking at a guy that’s been to about 20 practitioners all up with no resolution. Interesting case. Upon examination of the patient, I had no doubt in my mind that it’s a Candida fungal skin infection of the groin and various parts of the body. I found it interesting that nobody offered Gary any advice regarding his diet and lifestyle. Even the natural practitioners he went to offered only a small amount of advice here.

My instruction to Gary was to wash the genital region, particularly, twice per day with a good tea tree oil based soap and also to use a watersoluble tea tree oil to wash the private area and to spot treat the tough areas with tea tree oil. This was to be done at least twice per day. I also recommended to Gary to go out and buy about 20 pairs of new cotton boxer shorts and to put on new underwear at least twice per day. This is very important if you’re a guy with a fungal yeast infection is to maintain very good hygiene. Change your.

Clothing often. A couple of tips for you are try not to hop in Jacuzzis or hot spas. They’re not a very good idea because you’ll warm the body up too much. Try to change underclothing frequently and wear loose clothing, particularly cotton clothing. Try to be careful with intimate relations with your partner. Maintain strict hygiene. And make sure your partner also is aware and probably goes on an antifungal regime as well. You can read a lot more of these tips in Candida Crusher in Chapter 4, there’s a section called.

A Quick Start Guide. There’s a nice section there for guys on how to get rid of the jock itch problem. Gary’s going to beat this skin infection in about three to four months. I feel so sorry for Gary because Gary said he’s got a friend with similar circumstances. The other patient who’s 47, however, is suicidal. This man phoned me up in tears. His wife had left him. His groin rash is so bad. He’s eating far too many sweet foods. He can’t control it. His business is in ruins. It’s wrecking his life. If you thought yeast infections.

Were only something that involved females, think again, because there are a lot of guys out there with fungal skin infections that really have ruined lives because of this terrible problem. The problem cannot be solved purely by dietary means. I’m telling you now the problem cannot be solved purely by local means, by treating the skin. And the problem cannot be solved purely by lifestyle means. The problem has to be solved by doing different things and combining a proper treatment focused on the local area and systemic treatment. Also addressing.

Underlying stressrelated issues which a lot of guys suffer from. Gary and this other male are both beer drinkers. Obviously, beer has to go. You cannot keep drinking beer when you’ve got a yeast infection. Gary likes chocolate. And I find many men with a yeast infection will have a sweet tooth or like beers or like some type of a sweet food. These things really need addressing. You need to take these foods away from the yeast. When a male’s had jock itch for a while, they’ll also have dysbiosis and leaky gut. These are.

Terms I’ll go into in other tutorials, but they’ll have a whole raft of problems. And the longer they’ve had this problem for, the worse these other problems escalate. And when they’ve had them for a considerable period of time, they can also develop bad anxiety and depression. And in some cases, many even commit suicide with jock itch. It’s terrible. I suffered jock itch very bad in my 20s. I could really get no help from the GP. The doctor offered me little help apart from creams. The naturopath really paid.

Lip service to the treatment and didn’t treat it strong enough. You can really crush this condition if you’re serious about it and make sure you make changes on those levels I just mentioned. Keep reading my articles on yeastinfection. If you’re a guy and want to beat this condition, buy my book, Candida Crusher. You’ll find it at candidacrusher. Keep an eye on my YouTube tutorials and also please do my online course. I’ve got an online course starting any day now. There is a free Candida shopping guide handout you’ll get as a bonus. It’s.

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