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Is There Lactic Acid In Heavy Cream


It’s too hot. Okay, get out, get out! Hey, you nerds, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, and to be honest, I’m a little bit nervous. See, Arizona’s got the biggest population ltigt of rattlesnakes, scorpions,ltigt ltigt and disgruntled geezers in the country.ltigt If that wasn’t enough, this place also doesn’t take too kindly to immigrants, huh And seeing that I’m a Canadian who may or may not have their papers in order, I gotta watch out, man. Thankfully, I have a full schedule of shkoffing, and if there’s one place that still appreciates illegal immigrants,.

It’s restaurant kitchens. ltigt First up, a pretzel bun hot dogltigt ltigt smothered in sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.ltigt ltigt Next, we’re wolfing down a sirloin steakltigt ltigt deep fried in mashed potatoes.ltigt ltigt And finally, we’re packing inltigt ltigt some green chile linguineltigt ltigt smothered in chipotle cream sauceltigt ltigt on top of a tortilla.ltigt I have no idea how that last one even works, but I do know I need a shower after thinking about it. Hans yaps about sauerkraut. Some people think kraut is a euphemism for German, but really it’s a German word.

Often found in compound const Panos talks sirloin. It’s the filet mignon of the great meat beast in the sky. Wait a minute, wouldn’t filet mignon be the filet mignon of the great meat beast in the sky The spice agent reports on New Mexico green chiles. Nadia, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I went through for this one. ltigt Nadia It’s about to get real hot,ltigt so put on your sunglasses, squibblebots, well, actually, don’t do that, you’re in your living room, sunglasses in the living room, that’s stupid. All this and more right now on Bite This Phoenix..

Okay, yeah Chafing. ltigt theme musicltigt Here I am in downtown Phoenix on Roosevelt Row, ltigt otherwise known as RoRo.ltigt ltigt This area has completely reinvented itselfltigt ltigt from a drug infested hellscapeltigt into one of the snazziest neighborhoods in the city. RoRo’s so cool that the shops here ltigt even feature vampire hoursltigt so shoppers can escape the heat. ltigt In the heart of this hipster hamlet,ltigt ltigt Kat and Brad Moore take on the simple hot dogltigt ltigt and turn it into a gastronomic experienceltigt ltigt at their awkwardly named resto,ltigt.

Ltigt Short Leash Sit.Stay. ltigt ltigt Seriously, that’s the name of the resto.ltigt ltigt After two successful food trucks and a popup,ltigt ltigt this couple’s first brick and mortarltigt ltigt has cemented their place in Phoenix’s food scene,ltigt like literally. ltigt female 1 The chicken dog with the goat cheese,ltigt ltigt it’s so delicious.ltigt ltigt male 1 It’s gouda cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce,ltigt ltigt and Cracker Jacks wrapped in naan.ltigt ltigt You can’t tell if a geniusltigt or a five year old put it together. ltigt It’s amazing.ltigt Let’s do this.

We’ll start with an easy question. Okay. Okay Israel versus Palestine, who’s better at life One, two, three, go! I have no idea. I don’t. crickets chirping ltigt Well, I’ll tell you,ltigt awkward silence has got me very, very hungry. So what are we making here Are we making a pretzel bun from scratch Yes, these are our German style pretzel buns. ltigt We’re gonna get four out of this,ltigt ltigt I’m just gonna kind of knead it a little bit.ltigt So you have kind of a little belly button there.

Ltigt Nadia Yeah, it’s like an empanada, this one,ltigt it’s a special one, huh ltigt Kat Okay, so then we go to rest for about 10 minutes.ltigt ltigt I’m gonna put my gloves on before I prepare the lye.ltigt ltigt That’s what gives it the brown colorltigt ltigt and the crispy texture.ltigt Wow. ltigt Look at that color change.ltigt ltigt It’s like they’ve been fried in chemicals.ltigt ltigt Kat So we put the crisscross in themltigt ltigt so that when they’re bakingltigt ltigt they have a little steam that can escape.ltigt.

Ltigt Nadia You could see it’s created a skin.ltigt ltigt Kat Yeah, like a skin.ltigt I love skins. ltigt Kat It’s only gonna be about 78 minutes.ltigt We’re making the sauerkraut now. ltigt Kat First we’re gonna take some applewood smoked bacon.ltigt ltigt Nadia Just a rough chop.ltigt ltigt That bacon’s gonna get nice and crispyltigt ltigt and infuse with bacony goodness.ltigt ltigt Kat Okay, we’re gonna add a little bit of butter,ltigt ltigt some chopped onions,ltigt ltigt locally sourced sauerkraut.ltigt She even has a nice beer for me. No, no, no.

Oh. Then we’re gonna add an amber lager. That’s too much! ltigt Kat Let that cook for a little bit.ltigt ltigt Add a smoked bratwurst.ltigt ltigt It brings all the flavors together.ltigt ltigt Nadia Absolutely just stewing in those juices.ltigt After a quick break, we’re gonna finish up ltigt this delicious sauerkraut sausageltigt ltigt pretzel bun genius creation,ltigt and Hans is gonna report on sauerkraut. Stay hungry. Can we get some more beer You know, when you put it all in there, you have a guest. I’m here with Chef Kat and we’re making a pretzel bun.

Ltigt stuffed full of sauerkraut and juicy bratwurst.ltigt ltigt Feed my face hole.ltigt ltigt Kat Okay.ltigt ltigt Nadia What a color,ltigt ltigt that crisp exterior.ltigt Betcha it’s gonna be all doughy and soft inside. Mmhm, yes. ltigt Okay, so this has been cooking for about an hour nowltigt and it’s reducing nicely. ltigt Nadia All that krauty, sausagey goodness.ltigt Here’s Hans with his sauerkraut report. Miss G, did you know that sauerkraut is made by fermenting cabbage and lactic acid bacteria, such as lactobacillus, pediococcus, or leuconostoc Well, it’s true. And you know what else has a lot of lactic acid.

This. What I’m saying is that sauerkraut, like many fermented foods, has a plethora of health benefits. The fermentation process increases the bioavailability of nutrients in the cabbage, and the resulting product promotes healthy bowel flora. Back to you, Miss G. Thanks, Hans. Let’s plate this dish. ltigt Kat Okay, so, we are going to take the pretzel bun.ltigt ltigt Then we are going to put the bratwurst into the bun,ltigt ltigt the sauerkraut mixture, really cram it in there.ltigt ltigt We like ’em really full.ltigt ltigt Some Swiss cheese,ltigt ltigt Bavarian mustard that we make ourselves.ltigt.

Ltigt Serve it with a little bit of salad,ltigt ltigt and that is it.ltigt This is just gorgeous. ltigt rock musicltigt Mmhm. ltigt This is incredible.ltigt ltigt The meat is so quality.ltigt ltigt The softness of that pretzel bun,ltigt ltigt a little bit of pop due to the crispy skins.ltigt ltigt The sauerkraut with all that bacon.ltigt ltigt This is just.ltigt what it makes me feel is. You get the picture. ltigt We’re in Scottsdale, Arizona,ltigt ltigt where their slogan is,ltigt ltigt The West’s most western town. ltigt.

Ltigt Now, technically, Eureka, California,ltigt is the West’s most western town, so let’s just say that Scottsdale is not off to a good start with that blatant lie. But me, I’m all about solutions, so I thought of a few genius slogans of my own. Scottsdale, feel free to use ’em. Number one, Scottsdale, angry old people be here. Number two, Come for the heat stroke, stay because you’re dead. And my personal favorite, Baby cat rainbow fun time land Yeah That one, that’s my favorite..

Ltigt Time to head to Eddie’s House,ltigt ltigt where Chef Eddie Matney cooks upltigt ltigt some of the city’s best cuisine.ltigt ltigt His restaurant features an array of astounding dishesltigt ltigt that have patrons touching themselves.ltigt ltigt tires screechingltigt The face part of themselves ’cause they’re eating. ltigt funky musicltigt ltigt female 2 Oh, my God, I love the cuisine at Eddie’s.ltigt ltigt Every bite of any dish, literally it’s likeltigt ltigt an explosion of happiness in your mouth.ltigt ltigt female 3 I’ve eaten in a lot of fine restaurants.ltigt He just creates something different.

Eddie, you’re obviously super passionate about food, but a long time ago you wanted to be a veterinarian Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The funny story is, is that I grew up with animals and I had snakes and everything else and I wanted to be a veterinarian. And the joke is, is that I’m still in therapy for it because at one point I wanted to help them, now I cook their ass on the grill. We are making a beast here, your famous sirloin steak encased in buttery mashed potatoes, deep fried.

I’m gonna tell you I’m both scared and intrigued. Show me how it’s done. Okay. ltigt First of all, we have to mash the potatoes.ltigt ltigt A little bit of granulated garlic.ltigt Of course, butter. ltigt Some sour cream.ltigt ltigt A little bit of heavy cream.ltigt ltigt We’re gonna mix this up, here it goes.ltigt Here it goes, shvitzing a little. ltigt I’ll protect you, I’ll protect you!ltigt Thanks, Eddie! All right. ltigt Look at that.ltigt You want a taste Look at that. Mm! That sour cream. See, that’s what potatoes need.

Is a little bit of that kinda yogurty, sour flavor. ltigt It just takes it to another level.ltigt ltigt Eddie I agree.ltigt ltigt So now I’m gonna cool them down here.ltigt Here we go. ltigt And now I’m gonna bring out the meat.ltigt Beautiful pieces of meat here. Oh yeah. ltigt Eddie You know, the reason why I use a filetltigt ltigt is because it’s never tough.ltigt ltigt Nadia Eddie, you have one of the most extravagant menusltigt I’ve ever read. Thank you. Check this out. Okay. We’ve got Niman Ranch bone in pork chops.

With quinoa, apple, and a sweet potato poblano boat. A freakin’ boat you create with the poblanos. I like boats. Charred Mo’Rockin’ Salmon with eggplant componada and apricot brown butter rice baklava. Now, give it to me straight. Did you just get baked and play a food themed game of Mad Libs and squish all these ingredients together. Absolutely, I did. You know, it’s about the passion that I hold for food. And food talks to me when you go in the cooler. You ever had that happen to you Yeah, but I had to take medication afterwards.

Shh, we’re not supposed to tell anybody. Shut up, parsnip, I’ve heard enough about my looks. You know what, I wanna have a celebration in your mouth, that’s what I wanna have. crickets chirping Okay, I think I should grill now. Okay, let me put these steaks down. ltigt There you go.ltigt ltigt Nadia Woo!ltigt Do you listen to that talkin’ to you ltigt Nadia Yes.ltigt ltigt Eddie Isn’t that awesomeltigt When we get back, we’re gonna finish up this sirloin ltigt covered in buttery mashed potatoes,ltigt ltigt and then we’re gonna head to Richardson’sltigt.

To find out why the bleep someone would put linguine ltigt in a tortilla.ltigt Stay magical. Hey, house cats! House cats, I thought they were wild cats. No, no, no, the stats came in. They’re definitely house cats. Oh, boy, we’re in trouble. Oh no, okay. Hi, I’m here with Chef Eddie, ltigt and we’re making a dangerously caloricltigt sirloin steak encased in buttery mashed potatoes and deep fried. So let me get at it, right I have to take some mashed potatoes that we’ve cooled, okay. ltigt We take the beef.ltigt.

Ltigt We sort of surround it with it.ltigt ltigt And we just want to make sure the potato goesltigt ltigt all the way around it, about a quarter inch.ltigt ltigt Nadia A little bit of flour.ltigt ltigt Eddie And then we go into the egg wash.ltigt ltigt And you gotta make sure that the egg wash covers itltigt ltigt because then it becomes sticky.ltigt ltigt And then I can put the parmesan cheese on that.ltigt ltigt Nadia Directly on top like that.ltigt ltigt Eddie Right.ltigt ltigt And then I’m just getting a little bit of flour on there.ltigt.

Ltigt You did a really good job on that.ltigt Thank you, Eddie, I’m pretty proud of myself. Can you come and hang with us and cook with us tonight No, absolutely not, I’m gonna get a massage tonight, Eddie. Okay, we’re ready to fry. ltigt I’m gonna take this in hereltigt ltigt and put it in that right there.ltigt ltigt So we leave it in here for four minutes,ltigt ltigt let the mashed potatoes heat up, hit the meat,ltigt ltigt it’ll carry over the temperatureltigt ltigt from rare to mediumrare.ltigt It’s perfect like that.

I can’t wait. While this fries up, here’s Panos with his sirloin report. Today we’re talkin’ about the most medieval meats, bro, ltigt the sirloin.ltigt ltigt Now it’s widely accepted that the filet mignonltigt ltigt is the king of beef cuts.ltigt But what many people don’t know is that each individual sirloin steak is personally knighted by the queen herself. The tradition began during the Hundred Years’ War ltigt between England and France.ltigt ltigt When the great English champion, Sir Loincelot,ltigt ltigt almost singlehandedly broke through the French linesltigt ltigt to capture a strategic cattle farm.ltigt.

Famished from a long afternoon of pillaging, Loincelot ordered the local butcher to serve him a juicy cut of meat, which has henceforth been known as the sirloin ltigt in honor of Loincelot’s exploits.ltigt Or it’s some old French word, bro. En garde! Thank you, Panos, for another excellent report. Excellent report He was wearing a knight’s outfit, give me a break. It’s Panos, he’s finding himself. Okay. It’s all good. Okay, I’ve got my vegetables over here. ltigt Now these are sugar snap peas,ltigt ltigt red bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash,ltigt.

Ltigt fresh garlic, shallots,ltigt ltigt kissed with a little bit of thyme.ltigt ltigt Take it right in the middle and then I’m gonna takeltigt ltigt a Cab demiglace that we have hereltigt ltigt just over the top of that.ltigt ltigt Nadia Look how glossy that gravy is.ltigt ltigt Eddie A little bit of green parsley.ltigt ltigt Okay, now I’m gonna show you how awesome this dish is, okayltigt ltigt So I take it in the middle and cut it just like that.ltigt ltigt Nadia marvelsltigt ltigt Nadia This steak is perfectly cooked inside.ltigt.

Ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt Wow, we’ve got this beautiful parmesan crust,ltigt ltigt it’s crispy.ltigt ltigt Then the mashed potatoes with that sour creamltigt ltigt have so much flavor.ltigt And, of course, the star of the show, the steak. ltigt It’s juicy and you taste that charring on it.ltigt When you said you wanted to have a celebration in my mouth, I said, I should call the police. But this is a celebration in my mouth, and I’m not calling the cops, I’m calling a party planner. Absolutely, that’s perfect. I did what I wanted to do.

ltigt Nadia Now we’re venturing into Central Phoenix,ltigt ltigt or CenPho as the locals call it.ltigt Sure, it may sound like an evil pharmaceutical company, but CenPho is actually an eclectic mix of strip malls, ltigt interspersed with some of the city’s best restaurants.ltigt ltigt People love this place because, you know,ltigt nothing whets the appetite like a good strip mall. ltigt Let’s head to Richardson’s of New Mexico.ltigt ltigt Chef Arturo Lopez is the man behindltigt ltigt the restaurant’s inspired menu of Southwest dishes,ltigt ltigt many of them featuring classic New Mexican flavors.ltigt.

Ltigt Also, this place burned to the ground in 2010.ltigt Was it arson No, but that would make for better TV, damn it. Let’s just eat stuff. ltigt female 4 Richardson’s is probably the onlyltigt ltigt authentic New Mexican cuisine.ltigt ltigt It’s very different from all the Mexican restaurants.ltigt ltigt female 5 I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to the spiciness,ltigt but it’s so good here. ltigt male 2 I’m havin’ a stuffed chorizo pork chop,ltigt ltigt it’s amazing.ltigt It’s got my nose running, my forehead sweating, very good.

Ltigt Nadia A lot of people that work in restaurantsltigt have very shady pasts, okay We all read it in Anthony Bourdain’s book, No Reservations. What shady things have you done I don’t really want to get into it. Oh, that’s something, man. We are making green chile linguine smothered in a creamy chipotle sauce. Show me how this is done, I’m excited. Okay, we’re gonna season the chicken, ltigt both sides with olive oil,ltigt ltigt salt, and pepper.ltigt ltigt Grill the chicken.ltigt ltigt Nadia Oh, gorgeous.ltigt ltigt Look at the flame! It’s beautiful.ltigt.

Ltigt Arturo Next, we’re gonna cook our green chile linguine pasta.ltigt We get this flown in every week ltigt fresh from New Mexico.ltigt ltigt They chop up hot chilesltigt and then they infuse it in the dough to make the pasta. See, this is what I love about pasta, is that you could basically take any flavor and just infuse it. This really is fresh pasta. I mean, I’m Italian, I can smell it. Just like I can smell a shady past, huh, Arturo Ah, I’m gonna cook this pasta. Okay.ltigt ltigt.

Ltigt deflated sound effectltigt When we get back, we’re gonna finish up ltigt this green chile linguineltigt ltigt and discuss Arizona’s rampant homophobia.ltigt male 3 No, you won’t. No, we won’t. Welcome back, squibblebots. I’m here with Chef Arturo ltigt making a green chile linguine pasta.ltigt ltigt Now, some Arizona peeps tried to pass a billltigt that would have denied gays the rights to enter certain establishments based on their sexuality. What are your thoughts on legalized homophobia I thought we are not allowed to talk about that. Oh, yes, that is true.

Let’s make this sauce. ltigt Arturo Let’s cut the chicken.ltigt ltigt Nadia So we’ve got this smoky chipotle sauceltigt ltigt and then this sweet, fireroasted red pepper sauce.ltigt ltigt Crazy amount of flavor.ltigt ltigt Arturo Yeah, all those ingredients with the cream,ltigt ltigt that’s what is gonna give us the kick on the pasta flavor.ltigt ltigt I’m gonna add the parmesan cheese.ltigt ltigt Bring it to boil.ltigt ltigt Nadia While this creamy pepper sauce simmers away,ltigt ltigt here’s the Spice Agent with his green chile report.ltigt Thank you, Nadia. It’s illegal for New Mexico green chiles.

To cross state lines without proper documentation. But I have discovered another way into Arizona. Did you know that the green chile has a fascinating past It’s related to the tomato and the potato, and oddly resembles both. But trust Yeheskel, don’t go on looks alone. Either the potato or the tomato was cheating. If I was you, I’d get a paternity test. But. what father wouldn’t be proud no matter who the father is I mean, look at them. They’re fresh, they’re tasty, they’re pungent, they’re spicy, they’re smoky, they’re beautiful.

Ltigt police sirensltigt I gotta go. Back to you, Nadia. Thanks, uh. Let’s plate this dish. Let’s do it. ltigt Now we’re gonna line the bowl with the tortilla.ltigt ltigt Pour the pasta into our bowl.ltigt ltigt Now we’re gonna garnish itltigt ltigt with a little bit of parmesan cheese,ltigt ltigt Italian parsley.ltigt ltigt Nadia Do you ever have like some dirty customerltigt that just grabs the tortilla and wraps it around the pasta like a burrito from gluttonous hell They do it, definitely they do it before. Wow. Let’s eat.

Ltigt funky musicltigt Mm. ltigt These noodles are exquisite.ltigt ltigt They remind me of udon.ltigt ltigt They have such a nice texture to them.ltigt ltigt It’s like a New Mexican version of a creamy Alfredo.ltigt ltigt The spicy, smoky chipotleltigt ltigt and then the roasted red peppersltigt ltigt adding just enough sweetnessltigt ltigt to balance out the heat.ltigt Mm. The tortilla just absorbs all those flavors. That’s where it’s at. ltigt It just gives you a.ltigt speaking gibberish ltigt Before coming to Phoenix,ltigt ltigt all I heard about was the heat, the geezers,ltigt.

And the slight chance of being arrested due to an expired O1 Visa. But after tasting Arizona’s epic cuisine, there’s a lot more to it. Here are the things we learned. I learned that in Phoenix, if you train with your shirt off, it’s super easy to find a spot. And I learned that sometimes you shouldn’t trust your live action roleplaying buddies to tell you the truth about the origins of sirloin. I learned that the Arizona state seal has five C’s. Climate, cotton, cattle, copper, and citrus. But with all those C’s,.

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