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Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peel split face experiment

Today we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re going to be investigating on a real person whether microdermabrasion is better or a chemical peel. What microdermabrasion and chemical peels do is exfoliate the skin. Now obviously this is a very important process in maintaining healthy and glowing skin but we’re looking at two very different processes here microdermabrasion is a physical process where you put some suction on the skin and suck the skin up to a diamond coated head which gently abraids the dead skin off. Whereas chemical peels do a similar job.

Except they use chemicals and usually a light acid instead of a physical force to exfoliate the skin. So what is exfoliation used for it can be used for a number of things including just making the skin look a bit brighter, and giving it a glow or it can be used to treat some medical problems with the skin for example, acne. It can also be used to reduce sun damage or to improve skin pigmentation such as sun spots on the skin or freckles, so how we going to test which is better, microdermabrasion,.

Or chemical peels. What we are going to do on Somaiye, our subject is we going to do a split face study. So on one half we are going to do a microdermabrasion and on the other half we are going to do a chemical peel, and we’re going to follow her progress has see how she feels at the end of it and see which one works better for and how skin looks. So we’re going to clean both sides the face above all makeup and any sort of skin impurities.

Then we’re going to tone the face and then we’re going to start our split face experiment. So what we have here is a microdermabrasion machine and what it does is it sucks the skin up to this diamond coated tip with gently abrades the skin and takes off any of that dead skin layer. So what we’re going to do on the right side the face is microdermabrasion, and on the left side we’re going to do a chemical peel. Are you ready Somaiye answers ‘yes’ Ok, let’s do it. So.

So it’s a very relaxing gentle process most people find it quite relaxing and enjoyable. It goes usually for about an hour or so I if you do the whole face but because we’re only doing half the face it’s not going to take that long and as you can see, the skin is turning mildly red, and you can almost see sometimes little bit of skin flaking off at the same time. Now how’s that feeling Somaiye Answers ‘Lovely, I’m enjoying it’ that’s good One of the things that Somaiye would would like to address with the skin.

Is a couple of blemishes and congestion around here and both the microdermabrasion and chemical peel should help with. We got to find out which one is better. We’ve finished the microdermabrasion now on the right side the face and I think you should have a feel Somaiye, have a feel of this side and compare it to the other side. What do you feel Answers Wow! Much smoother! Much smoother! So it’s immediate improvements in the skin, immediate softness and smoothness so now we’re going to give the chemical peel a go.

The chemical peel we’re going to use on the left side the face for comparison is a 30 percent glycolic acid peel. Glycolic acid is actually derived from sugarcane and it’s also known as a fruit acid peel. It’s actually light peel which won’t give Somaiye much downtime but it should give her a nice exfoliation of the skin. So we are going to apply the glycolic acid peel with a gauze evenly across Somaiye’s left side of her face and what and she’ll feel is a bit of tingling. I’m going to neutralise this peel after five minutes, with an alkaline substance.

OK! So, the peel’s been on for about five minutes now and we’re going to neutralise it with some alkaline substance which is contained in this gauze you might feel a bit of a tingly sensation as this goes on and this ends the effect of the peel. So hereafter, what Somaiye might expect is a mild bit of redness and a slight flaking or peeling the skin this bit of spray just to cool the face So. we’ve done the chemical peel on left microdermabrasion the ride and all we have to do is wait about a week and see what the results are.

Alright so it’s been a week since I experiments and although during the experiments the side with the microdermabrasion felt really nice afterwards I felt like the side with the chemical peel felt a lot cleaner and fresher than the side with the microdermabrasion I didn’t have any down time with either side there was no peeling whatsoever from either side and now that it’s been a week I’m after I have the micro and peel I feel that the side when the peel just feels cleaner, fresher, brighter than the side with the microdermabrasion.

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