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How To Cure Chicken Skin Fast

Home Remedy for Chicken Pox Scars

Welcome to Health Care at Home We were talking about Chicken Pox, if you have suffered from Chicken Pox and their scars remains then how to get rid of them, that i will tell you see what you have to do basically you have to improvise your eating habbits first of all, as i said multiple times that must drink at least 3 liter of water so that your skin may hydrate skin should not be dehydrate Do not consume cold drinks as this also dehydrate the skin and try and drink the juice of all the seasonal fruits.

Whatever the season is going on and what all fruits are in that season drink that juice or drink mix fruit juice take pomegranate or if the oranges are available then taken them too mix them all and prepare their juice consume as much as you can you will get relief in the scars and now the scars are there then let me tell you what we have to do for them Take 4 Cloves of Garlic and mix almost 810 leaves of Basil and prepare a paste by grinding them.

And you have to apply this paste gently on whereas all you have got the scars. after apply let it dry perfectly and after that wash this out with Luke Warm water if you have Margosa water, that means boil the Margosa Neem leaves and the water which may get ready if you have that water then well and good and wash with that water One more remedy i will tell you, take a lemon and cut it into two halfs after cutting into half put some sugar and poke with the knife.

Mark the holes so that sugar may get dissolve and after that wherever you have scars you have to pat that lemon with sugar on that areas of scars wherever you have scars rub it and after rubbing let the face dry and after that wash your face with Like warm water after that apply Honey and after applying honey , let it leave for another 20 minutes you will notice that the scars are getting fade now there is one more good remedy is there, take sandalwood and on a stone put 1 pinch of Turmeric Powder.

And by adding 12 spoon of water rub the sandalwood on that stone so this way there will be a paste ready of Sandal wood and turmeric powder after applying this paste let this paste to get dry perfectly once this paste is completely dried the you have to wash out with the Luke warm water slowly slowly you will notice that your scars are getting lost now along with Vitamin E Capsules are available Tear the capsules and the oil which is in the Vitamin E capsules even if you will apply that then also you will get fast and good releif in the scars of the chicken pox.

One more remedy i will tell you take Leave of AloeVera you have to cut the upper green portion and take out its gel at least 56 spoon of Gel you may take out and 1 walnut to be grind till the finest paste we basically require the oil of the walnut so in case you can grind it and fold it into a cloth and squeeze it so that the juice will be out that juice and the gel of the Aloe vera to mixed nicely and after mixing, wherever you have scars there you have to apply it finely.

After applying it leave it for 1 hour so that the skin may absorb its all the nutrients and after that you may wash out with the normal water and you will notice that the scars are getting lost now completely Along with if you get the Sandalwood Oil even applying the sandalwood oil will also help you a lot Apply it the same way you will apply Vitamin E capsules same way you can apply the Sandalwood oil one more remedy i will tell you, 100 gm of fresh peas.

The seasonal fresh green pea, that you may take and with the 200 ml of water you may boil it when the peas are boiled then strain that water and put the peas on a side then you have to prepare a paste out of the peas and if the paste of the peas is not getting prepared then you may add this strained water into the peas to make the paste and you may apply this paste wherever you have scar on your body and after that let it dry and after that dip the cotton in that water.

Wipe it with that water only and after that if you have any problem then you can take bath with Margosa Leaves water so you will notice that scars are getting lost now so isn’t all the remedies were very easy There are so many remedies are left which can help you to get rid of scars of the Chicken Pox. That i will tell you also , so that you can apply the home remedy accordingly So we have lot of home remedies for the next episode. Rest our wish is only that you may stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us.

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