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Hard White Bumps On Face Under Skin

How to Clear Whiteheads on the Chin Skincare Q A

Hi guys, this is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa. This tutorial is actually an answer for a nice young 15 year young man, boy, male who sent me an email and what he said in the email is as follows I get the biggest whiteheads on my chin. Any suggestions to get help and how to get rid of them So, my dear young man, and many young boys and young men out there who have the same problem, what you are experiencing are actually acne breakouts. The whiteheads actually, pimples, they are full of puss or whiteheads which are deposits,.

What you should do at 15, you should ask your parents to take you to a place which could do a proper facial cleaning on your face and clean your face properly and analyze your skin. Because remember you’re 15, you’re in puberty now, your hormones are changing, you’re becoming from a child, from a teenager, you’re now going in the direction of adulthood. The hormones are playing havoc in your body and it is normal for you to break out it is normal for you to have pimples. However, it is not necessary for you to walk around with pimples.

And with breakouts and with whiteheads if indeed you take the right steps to get help. You already did the first thing by emailing me and asking me how to help you, what to do. So, it’s a twoway problem. One will you ask your parents to take you for a proper facial, facial cleaning In an institution since you are 15. The second you ask your parents to buy for you from me the oily acne skin product line which will give you instructions and help you to ex foliate, to wash, to clean, and dry pimples on a daily basis. Remember,.

This is not a one time thing, this is not, oh ok, I go for a facial and I use and then I’m done in a month, no. You just started to live, you’re just born, you’re just going into life. And so, it might take, two, three, four, five years until your body completely changes and you become an adult and you become a man. And with that also the hormones in your body get balanced. And once that happens there will be less breakouts because you will also get facial hair, your testosterone levels will even out and there will be changes in.

Your body which will be positive in the end, but right now you’re in between. You’re not a boy, you’re not a boy, you’re just in between and so your body is reacting, your skin is reacting to everything that’s going on internally in your skin. In your body, however, as I said, facial, acne facial, oily skin obstructions, cleaning is the one step that I would suggest and then the ongoing step on a daily basis I would suggest that you can get if you go somewhere get it there, and you know if you trust my judgment then you go to my website.

You ask your parents to buy it for you and you buy the oily acne skin product line which will give you the instructions and will be very beneficial in treating and maintaining your skin. Remember nothing happens overnight. What I can suggest to you is this and remember whether you buy it from me or not, your skin has to be kept constantly clean. You have to clean, you have to wash, you have to exfoliate,, you have to moisturize. You are a young, smart man because you asked, you took the initiative and there aren’t too many 15 year young boys.

Or teenagers that take the initiative to look up and ask me. So I assume that you are smart and that you are intelligent because you took the step to ask and therefore I suggest that you take my suggestion seriously and you ask your parents to take you for a facial, for an acne facial, where they will do instructions, research them a little bit, make sure they are a proper place, not a flyby place but a proper place that specializes in acne facials and they do obstructions and get the product line. The reason I tell you to get my product.

Line is because I tracked hundreds and thousands of people in my life, in my clinic like yourself, the parents bring them and they come by themselves and so forth, and so the products I make are the products that I sell. And so I made this product before YouTube, I was in my business before YouTube, I’ve been in my business 35 years. So I made and I formulated this product from my experience from my clients like yourself who have problems, so this product are not fancy, this product are not gorgeous and not stunning, but this product do one thing they.

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