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Hard Bumps On Face Not Zits

Why Do I Get Pimples on My Butt

Why do I get pimples on my butt Ingrown hairs are common where irritated skin and thick layers of dead skin can cause hairs to grow back into the follicle instead of up and out. What does that have to do with the pimples Most people wipe their butts good but do not think to exfoliate and scrub dead skin layers from that area, while the hair is often pressed down against the skin by physical contact I do not have a hairy butt, so I cannot have a bunch of ingrown hairs on my butt.

We are all covered by fine hair all over our bodies. Ingrown hairs that look like pimples are most common on the butt, around the private areas and anywhere you dry shave. I’d hate to think I have ingrown hairs there. That is a common area because it gets covered with dead skin, oils and friction. But if you keep getting the raised red bumps in that area, it may not be ingrown hairs. Oh, good. Oh, no, because one possible culprit is STDs. You could have an STD that looks like pimples.

But is actually something else. On that list, I choose something else. Butt acne can be relieved by proper hygiene, such as washing the skin thoroughly and wearing clean, breathable underwear. Which means many guys do not. The horror is that guys with hairy butts are the ones who need to wash it most to eliminate the risk of butt acne. That is a nightmare image I will never get out of my mind. Another option for body acne like that is not sitting on your butt so much. That’s just healthy living.

Yes, your odds of dropping dead go down if you get up and walk at least twenty minutes a day. And not sitting and sweating on that leather seat while dead skin clogs the pores reduces the risk of butt acne. I’ve heard people say you should switch shampoos and conditioners. In theory, the luxurious thick hair treatments wash down your back to the rear where it lays heavy on the skin when you get out of the shower. But it should wash off in the shower if you do it right. That’s more a reason not to.

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