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Folliculitis Treatment For Babies

Your Hot Tub Is Full Of Disgusting Germs Disease

In the neck start for you so yes I know summer is upon us it like a man to the song you know summertime the living at the the fishes jump in the cotton is hi and everybody’s running to the hot tub well before you under the hot tub this summer let me give you a little bit of information hot tubs might not be as clean as you think they are so because the hot tub just that hot and as you already know bacteria grows in hot places and you know sometimes because in chemicals in the water and you can solve.

The bacteria but that isn’t necessarily the truth here so I recently came out from the CDC on the disease center for put the the center for Disease Control and Prevention and indicated the following there are couple love it you know it turns out and you can pick up some on appetizing even dangerous diseases her bugs bite dipping in the hot tub both from the water itself and from the steamy atmosphere around the water now wanna be’s think that you can pick up is called the hot tub rash and with the hot tub rash is created by our.

With the name the germ here it’s like a a pseudo through a pseudo home ok or any news typeof say it some but the bacteria and when you get the bacteria and the creating a rash around the outline up your bathing suit and purses art thou with aging then bomb small bombs and bomb turn into a possibilty stuff around the hair follicles and it’s just bad bad bad call the hot tub rash the other thing can get is called are its you know with are the other diseases call atomic.

Fever or Pontiac fever excuse me and Pontiac fever is similar to New Monia are and it sorta it’s very it’s ok manifests up the same way as this you know hot tub ration that it said that the back to the live in the water and you can breathe again right or can come into your skin and when it comes then a can basically if the it give the pneumonia you flulike symptoms at it really affect those individuals who go into a hot tub were over 50 smoke and those with weaker immune systems.

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