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Eczema Vaccinatum

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and behalf of Expert Village I’m going to talk to you about signs of skin cancer. Now, in this clip, we’re going to talk to you about one of aggressive form of skin cancer, and that it’s called Melanoma. Now, if we look at this picture here, you can see a picture of a melanoma. And this particular lesion, you could see that it shows all the four A, B, and C, D signs of melanoma or skin cancer. A is representing the asymmetry of the lesion, because the normal mole of skin tags is usually round or very.

Symmetrical. In this melanoma, you can see how asymmetrical it is. The B represents the border, now, in this lesion, you could see the border is very scaloppy, so that’s also the very early sign of changes of skin moles or skin tags turning into skin cancer. The C is the coloration, look at this lesion, if you look at the certain parts of it you can see very uneven coloration or pigmentation, here you can see the very heavily pigmented area and then it gradually comes lighter and lighter to this area here where it’s very.

Very unpigmented so this is also a sign of skin cancer changes. And, D represents the diameter of the lesion. If any lesions or changes that you see in your skin moles or skin tags are more than 6mm which is the cut of point. If its larger than 6mm, then that could also be a sign ominous sign that it can be skin cancer. So, it this lesion, its definitely larger than 6mm. Now, melanoma out of the three types of skin cancer is the most aggressive. And mostly, they can be found anywhere over the body. And you must be able.

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