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Eczema Q Es


Blood that cures. Autohemotherapy. Personal Testimony. Dictionary of 1958, already included in the entry for autohemotherapy old technique Autohemotherapy treatment done with the patient’s own blood. and recently recommended in cases of furunculosis. Personal testimony Chronic allergy. Atopic dermatitis, eczema, dermatosis, atopy finally, various names. Conventional treatment did not solve You will die with the allergy, but not because of the allergy. a chronic incurable disease. Autohemotherapy is healing look! June 13, 2011 June 14, 2011 June 26, 2011 SUFFERING Small bubbles of water. Itchiness. Dryness. Splitting of the skin. Bleeding.

Inability to deal with papers. Inability to greet people. January 1, 2011 Skin Health The hand backs to normal condition, after 6 months of treatment with autohemotherapy. Recovery of selfesteem. Recovery of the joy of living. The same entry autohemotherapy in dictionary of the year 2000 is listed as belonging to Medicine, Med Treatment done with the patient’s own blood, through injections. ANY DOUBTS DO YOU NEED MORE PROOF I AM SATISFIED! Autohemotherapy. MY BLOOD HEALS ME. This drop belongs to me. National Campaign in Defense of the AUTOHEMOTHERAPY. Sites that I found with tutorials. See links in the description of this tutorial.

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